Postaday2011: It’s in the genes!

Monday morning, I’d only a little laundry to do and cook a meal and the day was mine. Ok I could find some housework to do but hey, that’s boring. I prepared tonight’s meal and placed it in the slow cooker, job done. Laundry does itself and I can put it in the dryer when I go down for coffee so today is for me to do as I please. My brushes and easel call me. I must get the panoramic seascape finished, hence writing my blog early. I have another reason too. All the pictures on blogs on here are just so inspiring. I want to sketch and paint, I want to dig out my oil paints to try again, I want to do a million things all at once. I have included a few of my older pieces of art work, as much to inspire me as I hope to give enjoyment to other people.

I have long forgotten the wonderful smell of oil paintings and the sheer pleasure of creating a picture that both satisfies sight and smell. I wonder if other artists feel the same passion as they paint that I do. I also wonder about my sanity sometimes as I can feel really overwhelmed by a painting or even a beautiful piece of music. As I finish some of my own art work I feel so excited by the wonderful gift I have been given.

My daughter brought a little suit that she had made her three year old daughter over to show me, she had made it without a pattern. It made me think about the blueprint we all carry in our genes and I looked back to our ancestors. On both sides of my family there is such creativity, unfortunately I cannot trace my father’s family back very far to know who might have been an artist then but I have ‘met’ other members today of his family through Facebook, who are brilliant artists and writers. I know my grandfather could turn his hand to anything and was a fantastic craftsman. My brothers and cousins also have the same ability, I watch them as they transform their homes into show houses with such ease. A cousin builds his own motorbikes , another bakes amazing cakes and is incredibly artistic which she encourages her children to be too.

On my mother’s side, my great grandmother was a seamstress and a tailor in her own right. I am a reasonable needle woman and used to knit  crochet and sew clothes for my children. I have many craft hobbies too. I look at my daughters and am so proud that these little gifts have passed down to them.

 I wonder if procrastination was passed on too. I am expert at it, my writing, painting and well, in fact everything I do can be sidetracked so easily, a good book, a little piece of writing that isn’t what I should be doing or my favourite, just sorting through all the scraps of paper with notes on that seemed so profound that they inspired me. They are still in the box file and only a few of them have actually been used… As for the internet I won’t comment on that, Ah well. Now for that painting!


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    Procrastination – what a wonderful word 🙂 the pictures are great! you are certainly a talented artist. I feel inspired to get my paints out again this afternoon 🙂

  2. 2

    wordangell said,

    Thanks Carole, so glad I inspired you. The pictures you have on your blog really inspire me too… M x

  3. 3

    Quidmont said,

    You really are very talented Angel! Thanks for sharing your talent here. 🙂

    – Bob

  4. 5

    Country Living said,

    I have always wished I could draw, however no such luck! lol…I’ll stick with my writting and piano! We’re all those your drawings? Have a great day!

    • 6

      wordangell said,

      Hi Country Living, thank you for your comment, I believe we all have gifts, I was just so blessed to have creativity. I love music and get a tune out of most instruments but I would love to have learned to play the piano when I was younger. What makes you say you can’t draw? I only took it up 21 years ago to combat a stressful time in my life. I am still amazed at what comes from the end of my brush. I would say give it a go and keep practising – like the piano and writing- you might be surprised. I do sell quite a lot of my work which is also an incentive.. M

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