Postaday2011: late but a million dollars?

One million dollars? that is just under £617,000 bp… at this moment in time. As to what I would do with it, well… so many things. I could think of the ten children Harry and I have between us, then I could think of the bungalow that we would really like, or at least a house with a downstairs bedroom. Then there are so many good causes we would like to give to. I mean I really object to giving to all the big charities when so much goes on admin. At the moment I choose local charities like the air ambulance and inshore rescue that rely on charitable donation to keep running. They do such a valuable job and get no funding so anything they can raise by any means is keeping them going. Plus a straightforward dd donation goes to them and not in tax… I know H would include local schools and hospitals in good causes.

At the end of the day, I am happy with my lot. I don’t wear jewellery, fancy clothes, have major shoe or handbag collections and I accept life as a lot less materialistic than a lot of people. For me life is for building friendships and memories, for sharing love and time with other people and ok I would like to not have to worry about my future as I get older but que serra, serra. It is all part of life’s rich tapestry.

Materialistically, I would like a nice bungalow with a manageable garden and a better kitchen than I have right now. I would like H not to have to work 60 hours a week and to have no mortgage to worry about. I’d like to help out all the kids and the grandkids but honestly, neither of us ask for much. I don’t even think we would go anywhere luxurious. Maybe we would travel round the UK and visit family In NI , but neither of us has any yearning to travel abroad. H did it all in the Navy for 23 years and I love the UK .

What a boring ,  post for the 18th despite being a bit late…

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    Hi Wordangell, first of all I arrived at your blog and you have changed it! where have all your other posts gone?

    I don’t think money in itself can make you happy and like you if I won alot of money I would love to help our kids. I am no longer into designer stuff or material possessions – got that t-shirt and prefer to be knee deep in mud lost in nature. Things don’t matter anymore only family and friends.

    If I wa back in the UK I would love to work in old peoples homes. Not work so much but visiting old people – there is so much loniless in the world no amount of money cna buy friendship 🙂


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    wordangell said,

    Thanks for your post, I changed my blog because other readers were having difficulty with the colour, have no idea what happened to the other blog entries, will have to look…. I so agree with you re the money stuff. I would love to go back to my rural life but I have lovely memories. Old people are amazing to talk to, they have such a wealth of knowledge and memories, and a little friendship means so much to them. X

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