Postaday2011:A beep and a pink sky

And it was far from intentional. The early start I mean. I wouldn’t normally leave the warmth of my bed until 7.30 – 8am. Sounds lazy but Harry gets up at 4.30 to go to work and I am awake for at least an hour then. Why is it if I get up to go to the loo which requires motion, thought, actions etc, I can go back to bed and fall straight to sleep again. Yet when the alarms go off                 ( typical Harry, has to have two of everything – he’s a nightmare shopping!) I have to do nothing but give him a hug, wish him a lovely day and other lovey things and I don’t even have to move from my pillow but even if I close my eyes straight away within minutes I am wide awake. My brain kicks into gear and won’t stop thinking and before I know it and not long after I have finally dropped off, it is time to get up. Strange.

This morning I had actually managed to go back to sleep but at 5.45, as I was happily walking through one of those warm mixed up kind of happy dreams a bleep crept in. It fitted into my dream nicely and somewhere I questioned it but carried on dreaming. The second time it bleeped I woke up, my conscious brain telling me it isn’t a dream and that somewhere in the house a phone is telling me it’s hungry. I lay there for ages seeing if I can ascertain if it has come from upstairs or downstairs, not an easy feat because I have a hearing problem and the sound could be coming from anywhere depending on which ear is closest to it. Upstairs! I padded along to my studio where my mobile phone was sitting on my desk. Refusing to go downstairs for the charger I switched it off and went back to bed.. Could I sleep? no chance whatsoever so I had to get up.

I looked out of the window to see a beautiful mother of pearl pink sky and thought to myself, I would have missed it had I slept on so I silently thanked my phone for the early call. I wondered what would have happened to my day had I got angry that I had been wakened and cursed things instead, bet my day would have been awful. So my positive thinking made the difference today. I tidied and cleaned my studio and Harry’s study which was great because I found the notes I had been looking for to do a piece of writing. It took me ages because I am still suffering for the spring cleaning on Tuesday but it made me feel so good to sit and work in my tidy room. Tomorrow I have some ironing to do and then I am going to do some more to the painting I should have finished by now. I posted the beginning of it a couple of weeks ago so I will post the next stage now in the hope it will motivate me to get it finished. After all what better way to rest my poor bones, an afternoon at the easel sitting comfortably.

The picture has a way to go but the base is on and I am starting to put some detail in the sea and rocks having almost finished the sky. I am using acrylics though I want to try to paint the sea in oils at some point.

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    I love the picture…I so wish I could paint the sea and capture the movement as you have.

    I know, I know…practice… don’t give up. Trouble is I spend more and more time sitting at my PC now. I must organise my day and my time better instead of just sitting here procrastinating! I am easily side-tracked!

  2. 2

    wordangell said,

    HI Carole, I just posted a reply and it wouldn’t accept until I put my email address etc grrrr.. painting the sea is really quite easy, if you look at any sea painting you will see it is just a series of lines. If you love the sea, as I do, it wants to paint itself. get your base colour then build it up with the colours you want in little strokes of movement…at the end of the day who stops the waves so you can get them perfect? M

  3. 3

    wordangell said,

    ps. I am the queen of procrastination, my computer is like the little guy on my shoulder telling me to just take a look, it won’t take long.. Yeah, right! I fight him all the time.M

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    Aditi said,

    Marie, Painting looks beautiful as it is but definitely try oils. I recently learned how much fun it is to use oils , they are extremely flexible to play around and very forgiving as well. 🙂

    PS: Now you know early to bed early to rise makes a girl healthy wealthy and wise (coming from a girl who gets out of bed at near to 9 o clock) lol

    Marie can i tell u something, your theme looks great but see if you can change the background green to a more muted green this is very vibrant and may force your visitors to spend less time on your page. Just a suggestion 🙂

    • 5

      wordangell said,

      Hi Aditi, I used to paint in oils years ago but somehow got into acrylics, my next one I will do in oils…
      ps I won’t admit to getting near 9 am… I guess it depends on how long I spend at night on here. lol.
      Thanks for the advice on the background, is this one any better? or can you suggest one that would be good…? Mx

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