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I am so loving the challenges on WordPress. I cannot spend too long sitting so I have to manage my time carefully but I have to admit that because I enjoy this so much I am increasing my time to ensure I get my blog time. That includes reading as much as writing. I just never knew there were so many interesting people out there. I will also add a list here: caring , helpful, thoughtful, similar, funny, intelligent… I could go on, but suffice to say a big thank you to everyone who responds to my blog and to all those who post for me to read too.

Life is so fantastically interesting and diverse in that we are able to confide our feelings to a blog and share happy or sad times with other people. I think back when I was younger and suffered terrible depression and agoraphobia. There was nothing except ‘take this pill’. Ok, I have been there and had a dreadful time in the ’70s and onward. If only this idea and computers and blogging etc. had presented itself years ago. Wow! would my life have been different. Don’t get me wrong, it was dreadful at the time but in retrospect, I have had an amazing life. I have learned so many things and all those hiccups have moulded me into the person I am today. I have made some great friends, lost friends that drifted away, shared some experiences that I have discovered and had so many others have shared. I have also discovered that I like who I am. Took me a long time and my journey was painful at times but I am here and  I am ok.

I have at last accepted that those challenges that I thought insurmountable, were actually important to my learning curve at the time. The people who have come into and passed through my life all had a purpose and I am able to stand back and look at the wider picture. My spiritual life has changed and broadened, my acceptance and understanding has grown but most of all  have learned to forgive. With all these lessons I have grown beyond anything I could ever have imagined but I guess the two things that I have found the most important are love and forgiveness. The most important being to forgive.

Holding onto past grievances do only one thing.. harm the person who holds them! By holding onto those angry, jealous or hateful thoughts, the person that suffers most is the person holding them. These thoughts fester and build and make us into people we wouldn’t want to be with if we had to choose. We become angry and unpleasant inside.  I set myself a challenge many years ago, to love, to learn and to let go. You know what? it works.  Nothing will change unless we take a good hard look at ourselves and let go of those selfish thoughts. Once we do, yes, things start to open and grow. Positive thinking and loving thoughts attract people who think the same. Think bad things and those who are the same are attracted to you too. I know which side of the line I want to be.

Life is a huge challenge and I guess none of really know the answers. I do to my understanding… it’s easy.. the answer is that if it works for you, that’s the right answer. After all we are all so wonderfully different yet so much the same. This is why I am enjoying Blogaday, Photochallenge and some of the others that I haven’t managed yet. I am discovering so many great people from all over the world who really are so different to me but so very much the same  and I am enjoying it. My only wish was that I had connections like this at other times in my life but then I guess I would never have learned so much from my own personal challenges.

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    classyrose said,

    This is beautiful and really touched my heart. Sometimes we have to suffer with the pain before we’re allowed to enjoy the pleasures of life. 🙂

    • 2

      wordangell said,

      Bless you Rose, that is soo true insn’t it.. but I found the journey getting easier and I get older. Hard to watch my young ones make their mistakes but I know I can’t cry their tears. Just be there for support. Hope you are enjoying those pleasures right now. M

  2. 3

    Aditi said,

    Life is about learning! We all learn at each and every step of the way and we all had/have our share of bad times and good times. But I am super glad that you cam out of that bad phase with a way more positive attitude.
    Weak hearts cant beat depression. We are here for you. Big hug!
    Btw thanks for dropping by, stay connected 🙂

  3. 5

    The problems we face in life and overcome certainly make us stronger and better people….as they say it’s part of lifes rich tapestry.

    I wonder if WordPress had any idea how popular their PAD and PAW challenge would become and how all the bloggers would interact 🙂 I also love the Blog hop and RandomBlog2011 Challenge


  4. 6

    wordangell said,

    Thank you Carole, life’s rich tapestry is fantastic, unravelling the knotty bits at the back can be more complicated but if we follow our own thread through we can learn so much about ourselves can’t we. I knew about randomBlog2011 but not Pad and Paw or Blog hop.. need to seek further methinks. M

  5. 7

    postadaychallenge2011 said,

    wordangell, it is hard to sit for me too! But, the only time I can sit is like you to write, blog, read. I don’t own a TV, so that is not an option for me. I gave it up. It was useless to me. I have two wonderful cats that keep me from depression but I often am depressed, and don’t leave my house. I have a “kinda disability” I have acne cystic so bad, I live in my house other than to work. My spouse does all the shopping, all the errands and anything to do in public. He is very supportive. I have two part time jobs, I do there, but it’s so hard. Yes, I am being treated in depression and acne, but it takes time. Thanks for sharing your inspirational story and sharing about YOU. Your fan, Jackie

  6. 8

    wordangell said,

    Dear Jackie, thank you for your lovely reply. Life is hard sometimes, I am ‘blessed’ with arthritis which makes me so frustrated. I manage it all by natural means and positive thinking. So far, although I need a knee replacement, I have not had to take any drug medication apart from a painkiller or two when needed, then as little as possible. I don’t go out unless my other half drives me or I can take a taxi , it’s only fear that the pain will prevent me from walking and I will be embarrassed at asking for help, and I get cross because I used to walk for miles and miles with my dog over the downs.
    Have you read a book called ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne? such an inspiration and something I try to practise all the time. Not easy but I try. It reminds me of the Pollyanna film. I can tell you that things will get better, not always the way we want it but life changes, so do we.. I hope I can continue to inspire you. M x

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