Postaday2011: Valentine water babies.

I am having my first break today, not that I have been overworked, just busy. I find it hard to believe that my youngest daughter is 21 today. The last of my children to ‘come of age’. I was going to write coming of old age in reference to the fact that eighteen is now the coming of age and not twenty-one any more. I don’t think Tabby would have appreciated that so ‘Congratulations’ Biff  and thank you, we had a super day today especially going with Millie to the leisure centre for her swim.

It was unfortunate that Maica wasn’t able to come but I know H is off again in a couple of weeks so maybe we can do the same with both Maica and Millie then. It was just so sweet to see Millie ‘swimming’. She loves it and as she kicks her little legs she looks like a penguin, or as Maica says, a penguino. The most wonderful thing today was that they had the pool to themselves so I asked the life guard if I could take some pictures. Now normally taking pictures in public pools is banned but as we were the only ones there they granted permission.

Here she is with Mummy and Daddy having a kick . How she loves the water.



Millie is the smilyest baby I have ever known, even the most serious person will smile when she looks at them, totally unable to resist that little face with all its sunshine.

As for me, I really enjoy the bit after the swim. I get to get the little one dried and dressed to help Mummy because no one wants to spend any longer time than necessary in the changing rooms. They are just freezing. I especially like those moments because Millie never cries, even in the cold she is smiling, laughing and kicking. She is just a blessing to us all, no chance of being miserable when Millie is around, she just won’t let it happen.

After an interlude for lunch we all went shopping in town. I was delighted to have found a first cookery book with great ideas for Maica and I to cook next time she comes over. Pussy cat Pizzas, cheesy jacket boats, bread teddies… yum what better thing to do with a three-year old. We will share our baking session later on. A quick cuppa at Tabby and James’ then we popped over to visit Suzi and Maica. She loved the ideas in the cookery book and is going to make everything. I ‘fed’ the monkey with wooden cake and toast, followed by a bottle of milk before it went back to its little bed. Had a huge conversation about nothing in particular, a big cuddle and a chat with her Mummy before going home to a lazy fish and chip supper. I don’t think I could have had a better Valentines Day and am leaving Millie to sum it all up. Just missed the smile but we got a big thumbs up.


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  1. 1

    Edson Camara said,

    Beutiful family you have, congratulations

  2. 3

    Jacz said,

    Another beautiful entry about your treasured family 🙂 Babies are the nicest thing, bringing such joy! I am completely inspired to go swimming now too! xx

  3. 4

    wordangell said,

    Thank you Jacz, I am so blessed, really blessed. It was so lovely to watch Millie have such a great time. And Mummy and Daddy too od course. XX

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