Postaday2011: Pretty in pink for a 21st birthday.

I missed my blog yesterday and I promised not to have excuses earlier in the year but I had the best one for yesterday and I will write two blogs at some point to catch up the number… I promise.

Valentine’s Day is my youngest daughter’s birthday and 12:02 twenty-one years ago she came into the world. Now this year it falls on a Monday and everyone has to work so we decided to have a little family get together on the Saturday – yesterday, you know the day I didn’t get my blog in. Well I did start to write it as soon as I was free but then someone popped up on MSN, like they do and needed to talk to someone. Therefore I hope my excuses will be allowed this once.

I decided to keep this entry short but show some pictures of my daughter and my two youngest grand daughters.

This first picture is my twenty-one year old daughter Tabby. I have to admit I cheated this year and bought a cake, chocolate as requested. The second one is Millie being hypnotised by the flickering candles.               


Both girls have grown up to their respective tender ages with photographer mummies, so it is only natural that the know how to pose. All these pictures are natural, just the girls enjoying themselves.


The photo of Millie posing worked just perfectly. If we had tried to pose her it wouldn’t have worked. Bless her little heart, she is wearing Maica’s tutu.

   Maica loves balloons which is just as well because it was handy to be able to give them to her to take home. I always think it is such a waste just to pop them.


When you are only nearly seven months old and they hang you in the doorway, you have to make the best of it. So Millie amused herself by ‘dancing’ to Michael Jackson and did a really good job of keeping time.. Haha.

All in all we had a wonderful afternoon and we still get to enjoy the day with the girls on Monday when they go swimming.

I reckon I am just so blessed, these two little girls are just two of my gorgeous fourteen grand children and my daughter the youngest of eight wonderful children. Ok, excuses over and I must get round to posting more tomorrow, Harry has a day off tomorrow so we shall see!


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  1. 1

    Jacz said,

    Happy Birthday to Tabby! What a special day, 21 is a fabulous birthday 🙂 And it must be wonderful for her to share it with her gorgeous daughter! Maica too is just precious, and the picture of the 2 of them together is one to treasure.
    It must be so wonderful having such a large family. Mine is quite small but we’re all very close which is of course lovely. But you must always be surrounded by babies and laughter and loveliness! xxx

    • 2

      wordangell said,

      Jacz, thank you for looking in. I feel I am the most blessed mummy in the world. wonderful children and gorgeous grandchildren and I love them all so much. A large family has been great and I have enjoyed every moment. I have made mistakes and learned as I went along but we are all great friends despite of my mistakes. Small or big, families are wonderful, as are friends that share our journeys. Bless you for commenting. xx

  2. 3

    Karen said,

    Stunning photos of all your girls. Can’t believe how much Millie has grown since we visited you – the same day she announced her arrival in this world. You are truely blessed with such a loving, close-knit, large family. Enjoy every moment with them. xx

    • 4

      wordangell said,

      Thank you Karen. we are close though far apart. But no matter where we are we have always that connection with each other. I have some amazing people for children. I do love every precious moment. Mind you, yours are pretty fantastic too. Thanks everso for reading my blog. I know I take the mickey out of your uncle but he aleways approves it before I post. Bless you and love to you all xxxx

  3. 5

    Fourteen grand children!!! Wow, they must keep you busy. I am fretting because I am going to be a grandma for the first time in April and then our son and girlfriend in Sept.

    The pictures are absolutely adorable. I don’t blame you for taking a day off. 🙂

    • 6

      wordangell said,

      My computer is playing up. grrr. Sorry if you get two posts. Carole you will love being a Grandparent, it is wonderful, like being a parent without the worries. well we still worry about our babies but at least we can support them. stop fretting and look forward to a wonderful new experience, promise you will be a fantastic grandparent. xxx

  4. 7

    1961 Girl said,

    The girls are so sweet. You are truly blessed to be surrounded by such a large family. They grow so quickly and it is so important to share quality days like today. Love the photo with the brithday cake. Juls 🙂

    • 8

      wordangell said,

      Bless you Jules, Life is so precious isn’t it? I count my blessings every day and give thanks for every precious moment. thank you so much for popping by and commenting. Every comment helps to remind me just how much I appreciate all my family xxx

  5. 9

    postadaychallenge2011 said,

    Classy Rose has created something wonderful that I personally am going to support. It’s the Random Blog 2011 Challenge. She’s got it all laid out well with her posts at … … and …
    I found you by the ramdomblog2011 challenge
    Happy B day Tabby. Today is my daughter’s 14th. Happy Valentine’s Day too! Jackie

    • 10

      wordangell said,

      Not sure if I responded to this already but hey, any excuse to say thank you. I am still getting used to finding where to post etc…. I remember when my daughter was 14, a magical time for us. She was awful between 12 and 13 then it was like a switch clicked on and she went back to the lovely person she was before hormones kicked her sideways. Hope you all had a lovely day. M x

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