Postaday: intelligence or beauty?

Which would I rather be? I think I would opt for intelligence any day. I know we all wish to be beautiful and can spend hours making ourselves look ravishing but is beauty all it’s cracked up to be? Define beauty for instance! That’s a totally impossible task. You see, each of us is programmed from birth to recognise certain features.

Let me explain… when a baby comes into this world he or she is handed to its mother. Those of us that have had this wonderful experience will remember how long your child examined your face. You also looked so carefully at your child. This wonderful moment is far more than getting to know each other, it is so important for the baby. As your child examined you, whatever was going on around was unimportant. He/she had only eyes for your face. Their little eyes followed your hairline, your eyes, your smile and the shape of your face. The little brain was already logging shape, distance between your eyes, nose, mouth shape and locking the information into its memory.

The next person to see was Daddy, and the same process was carried out. I’m checking you both out to see who you are, kind of thing. Add grandparents, Aunties and Uncles to the mixing pot. As time goes on your baby will have seen itself in the mirror and the brain kicks in recognising that information in itself and firmly planting his/her place in your family by comparison. He/ she won’t know that but a blueprint has been set up for life.

Have you ever wondered why one person is attracted to you than other and vice versa? Why do we pick partners that are often like one or the other of our parents, or perhaps with similar features to ourselves? It’s that first safe and loving image from birth.

With that in mind it makes perfect sense to realise that each of us will be attracted to different features. Of course baby’s development takes in personalities and other stuff but I am just looking on beauty here. There is always the exception to the rule and many other factors might change this theory but basic instinct will naturally and often cause an attraction to that familiar look. So the question is answered with a rather clichéd quote: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

What is pure beauty to one person is nowhere near to another. So here is why I would choose intelligence over beauty. The law of attraction will always be there and no matter what we look like there is always someone out there for each of us. Ok, different circumstances and choices might change that but for those of us that want a partner, someone will find us attractive. A bit of tarting up helps too, both guys and girls can wear our hair a particularly attractive way, make up and perfumes all work on that attraction thing but basically it is the ‘look’ of a person in the first instant that will do the trick and that comes from that very first image we were attracted to, our mothers and fathers.

Intelligence, now that is some mean thing to have. If you have intelligence you can use it to your advantage. Intelligence helps us to not only suss out the talent but how we can best apply ourselves to get what we want. When we are out in mixed company we watch and subconsciously take notes of mannerisms, what the other person is into where their interests lie and their intelligence, again all based on learned familiar stuff as we grew up. If the physical attraction is there then we have so many advantage points if we are able to use our intelligence to magnify our own qualities. Can we converse on the same level? Do you know what they are talking about? Would you be able to swot up on a subject that a group of friends were interested in and you knew nothing about to fit in?

Personally, I think the best part of intelligence is knowing that nothing is impossible. Going out and achieving your own goals gives us a wonderful sense of self esteem. A sense that we are confident to go further and learn more, discover more and climb to higher places. When we have that self satisfaction and gratification our confidence soars. Confidence is also very attractive. There are others just like us out there whatever we look like. Someone will be attracted to us no matter what we look like but having intelligence, I feel, enables us to be more confident and use more than just looks to get what we want out of life.

We are all beautiful!  We are all beautifully different! Not everyone has the intelligence to know that. There’s a green eyed monster out there that saps our beauty, that special beauty that comes from within. The beauty of who we are inside is the most attractive thing of all so I reckon we should just add intelligence to what we have to be able to use everything we have to become the beautiful people we really are.

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    “I think the best part of intelligence is knowing that nothing is impossible”

    God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change
    the courage to change the things I can but the wisdom to know the difference.

    I think intelligence is based on recognizing our ability. For example I could write (in time) a novel but not perform brain surgery 🙂
    … pushing ourselves to acheive something that we thought was beyond our reach but how do we recognise what is achievable?

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