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With all the things I am interested in my dream holiday is difficult to pin down to one place. It would drive me nuts just lying around on the beach all day and visiting touristy foreign places would bore me silly and annoy me as the crowds well, crowd me. So I guess it would have to be somewhere reasonably quiet with history. I mean old history that my ancestors might have known. Personally, there are so many great places in the UK that I have still yet to visit and many would say but that’s not a holiday! but to me nothing would be better than walking round an ancient town and visiting all the museums, especially those with ‘ living museums’ like we have in Gosport.

 I love doing research and taking photographs and of course, reading. Castles and countryside are of great interest to me and the big 180 degrees of sky in all its many moods. Being able to find pictures to draw or paint is also important. Our last holiday was in Cornwall. What a fantastic ruse for a holiday – research for my book! Mousehole Harbour was somewhere I had wanted to visit for years, especially as one of our favourite cartoons was ‘Mousehole Cat’ which was based on a true story. On getting to Mousehole I was filled with such wonder, not just in feeling the atmosphere that had been created in the book but also on discovering the other histories of the place. A walk around the villages took us to another time almost. People sold home made produce on little shelves outside their cottages, plaques gave interesting facts about people who had lived there years ago. Ruined buildings had such great stories and many a local were only too pleased to share the stories.

We travelled all round the coast of Cornwall from the north to the south, me getting my fix of coastlines and skies, and going to places that most people wouldn’t find interesting at all but we loved every minute of it and I can’t wait to go back again. The tiny cottages that you climbed steps up to get in fascinated me because the door height was tiny. I mean really tiny. What was the history there? did the tide come in so a high step helped keep the water out? Another amazing thing was the narrowness of the roads. Obviously built when only horses were the means of travelling but we sat there on a bus holding our breath as the driver negotiated these roads with only millimetres spare to squeeze through. The place reeked with stories and oldness and I could spend months researching the history of each of the places we went to.

I think the best thing was when I met my Mum’s first ‘boyfriend’.  Now in his eighties, he told us such a sad and beautiful story. He loved my mum and everyone had thought they would marry but my father came along and whisked her away with promises of a new life. Bill got involved with motorbikes to get away from missing her. It was a serious accident on a bike that lost him his leg, right up to his hip. He never married, he hoped and hoped his Gwen would come back to him. Had she not gone he would still have both legs. He still waits for her and still loves her, no-one would every be anywhere near as good as his ‘Gwennie’. Bill is a lovely man, a great character, it shows in his face and I felt so sad for him. What a beautiful story of love. I took a photo of Mum for him and I think they do write to each-other but their lives are worlds apart. In spite of this, he still waits, spending his time now making and painting little model soldiers. I think he has to find a place in my book somehow, but I will write him a happier ending.

So I think the answer to the question of my dream holiday has to be the holiday that gives me something to see, think about and feel. Places with history and folklore that can be researched. Places of peace and quiet with time to reflect on the normal pace of life. Places that have beautiful architecture and interesting people who are pleased to share their stories and have the time to do just that. Northern Ireland and Cornwall did just that for me but I know there are so many other places, towns, villages, mountains and valleys, highlands and lowlands that wait for me out there. And I want to see them all and find out their histories. So, boring as it may seem for a lot of people. My dream vacation would be right here in the uk.

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    Jacz said,

    Hello again!

    Thank you fo your reply before 🙂 It popped up in my emails, very exciting!

    I am totally with you on the beauty of holidaying in Britain. I find it rather sad when people have been all over the place abroad but not explored our very own beautiful country! The coastline is just stunning. I lived down around the south coast for a while (West Sussex) and it was so beautiful 🙂 I can’t wait to explore the South West too, and I am especially inspired to visit Mousehole now! I had a book about it as a child and it’s amazing to hear that the charm extends beyond its pages!

    Jacqui xx

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      wordangell said,

      Thank you for responding Jacz, Mousehole and the whole area is gorgeous, just so quaint and old. Was your book the Mousehole Cat? that was our little cartoon. They still have the festival of light every year, I’d love to go one year but I think all the hotels and boarding places are booked up really early. I love the history of places. M xx

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    There are many beautiful places in England I will now never have the opportunity to visit, and I am sad. When you are so close to the coal face so-to-speak you don’t appreciate what is on your doorstep!
    I often look at some of the old houses and ruins here in Portugal and wonder what stories they could tell…
    My dream holiday would have to be an activity holiday incoporating either a painting or and Italian cookery course. Sadly, both due to serious budget contraints, these are very much out of the question. Still dreams cost nothing!

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