Postaday2011: Something I never believed in…

The subject for this blogaday entry links in so well with yesterday’s. Thank you to a couple of not so good teachers, I left school at 14 having never sat an exam. My self esteem was low and was told I am never going to achieve so I might as well leave. I was fifteen in the summer holidays which was the legal requirement for leaving full time education in the sixties. I was handed a slip of paper with an interview date on it for a shop assistant in a town centre chemist and wished good luck. I got the job but hated it. I moved to another position in a stationers and then onto factory work where I could earn double the money. I was happy there and remained making fuses until I had my first child.  I even went back to do evening shift after he was born.

Those days from school coupled with lack of parental support left me never knowing there was more out there, I never knew I was intelligent. I loved being a mother and I went on to have eight children over 21 years. I had a dream fulfilled when we lived in the country for thirteen of those years. The experience was so much better than I could ever have imagined. Even though I feel sad at having to move to the town, I give thanks every day for the wonderful times and memories I have of rural living.

I wrote in yesterday’s blog about getting a degree in my fifties and the career I ended up with. That all came about because as we were nursing my elderly father in law I needed something to break the time. My husband had to leave work to help care for him in the end because it became a 24/7 task. I went to a ‘back to learning’ class in adult education at the local college just a couple of mornings a week. Local that is at 8 miles away from our country village. I achieved a good mark which really triggered off a faith in myself. I met a girl there who was using the course to brush up her English before going on to do a degree. It was her that dared me to apply to University College Chichester. Reluctantly, I did and after writing a book review, I was accepted. I went on to get my 2.1 Bachelor’s degree and then to do another three years teacher training whilst I taught on…..the very course I had started on.

If you had told me at any other time I would end up in higher education, let alone teaching, I would have laughed. That seven years of higher education gave me a self esteem and confidence I had never experienced in my life before. It changed everything for me. It also showed me the value of good education and support. We all need someone to believe in us, I was blessed to have people around me who did see my potential and supported me all the way. So the one thing that I never believed in before I experienced it properly later on in life was good teaching. A lot of people have failed at school due to poor teaching standards back in the fifties and sixties. Not all teachers were bad, I hasten to add, but it only takes one and any other number of circumstances to prevent a child from achieving. Thankfully the standard of teacher training is high and there is no excuse for poor teaching methods any more. It took me a lot of courage to try but I am so glad I did.

Unfortunately, arthritis stopped me teaching before I got my last years training that would have given me my PGCE, but I gained so much more because I did what I did. I gained self confidence and a belief in myself as well as some wonderful encouraging friends.                                                                                     

These days I write, working on a couple of novels, and I sell my paintings. Neither of which I could, or would, have done before I went back to ‘school’ because I never believed I was good enough. Thank you to Janis, Harry, Sharon and Bobby.

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    Patti said,

    Wonderful – very encouraging for us 50-somethings! My sister and I were recently talking about our anticipation of just what we might accomplish in our second half-century!

    • 2

      wordangell said,

      Thank you so much for your comment.. I always say to my children…reach for the stars, ok if you miss you could still catch the moon… it sure opened my life so much. Go for it, reach for your stars! If I can do it so can you xxx

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    WOW this is such a fantastic story! Well done! I would love to enrol on a creative writing course to improve my writing style but trying to choose one on-line (as I live in Portugal) is like trying to choose your lottery numbers!

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      wordangell said,

      Hi Carole, I did creative writing as partof my degree. It would be so nice to get people together to create an online writing group. I have so much information and ideas, and I can critique and proofread. Happy to help you if you want to get

  3. 5

    Jacz said,


    I’m Jacz, a friend of Suzi’s, who suggested I visit your blog. I’m so glad I did, as I’m really enjoying it! It’s really lovely reading about your life – you write in such a lovely way. You should be very proud of your achievements, both being a mother and gaining a fantastic degree a little later in life. It’s lovely that now you have time to indulge you creativity and write and be artistic – what a lovely life it sounds like!

    Love Jacz xxx

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      wordangell said,

      Hi Jacz, It’s really nice to ‘meet’ you. So glad you like my blog it is great to have people pop by especially making lovely comments like yours. I am doing the blogaday challenge and hope by the end of the year I shall have a whole book of writing that is a year out of my life… I am hopeless at keeping diaries, unlike Suzi, so this challnege is great for me. Thanks again for commenting. x

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