Weekly photo challenge : Boundaries

This challenge is brilliant and although I am not a photographer, I do take lots of pictures with my little digital camera. The theme of boundaries has many connotations to me. I imagine stepping over the line and into extreme  behaviour, physical boundaries, those boundaries we put upon ourselves like shackles that prevent us growing. Walls, fences or natural boundaries created by nature, there are so many ideas in my head. As I don’t walk too well at the moment, I have delved into my albums and come up with these pictures that for me, represent boundaries.

 A double boundary here, the connection between man’s boundaries and those natural ones from the world around us.


The second picture has four boundaries here, man and nature, grass and sand, sand and sea then sea and sky.

The third picture, although a little dark I liked this one because of, once again, the contrast between man and nature. This time the world of spiders who have created their own barrier within the  fence barrier.

I chose the fourth one because this chain link fence was the only barrier that prevented anyone falling a hundred feet or more to the bottom of the cliff.

As I said earlier, I also believe that the biggest barriers are those we put round ourselves. All those negative thoughts we hold that prevent us from achieving our full potential. A long time ago my immediate phrase when anyone suggested I did something was to say’ I can’t do that!’ then give any number of excuses, not clever enough, too fat, too short, too busy, have something else to do.. I could go on but in the end the only reason I couldn’t do that was because  of fear. Fear of failure or fear that I wasn’t good enough and would make a fool of myself , yet in my heart I wanted to challenge myself and prove a point.

Most of my fears come from learned behaviour as a child, some were not even my fears but those I ‘borrowed’  from my mother. My mother would never use the phone, she hated it and guess what, I hate calling people on the phone in case I am interrupting them. Logic tells me they would ask me to call back if they were busy but no… I hold my mother’s fear. Interestingly enough one of my daughters also hates using the phone. As a young mother I had agoraphobia for many years and I was so afraid I would make my children the same. I never wanted them to have any barrier that would prevent them from growing and seeing the world. I worked hard at encouraging them to travel and now I have children in US, Switzerland, one recently moved back from Spain and all of them have travelled, some many different countries. I guess I broke that boundary for myself a couple of years back when I got on a plane for the first time –  another fear from my childhood.

So you see, for me, boundaries have many guises but I hope you like my photos representing a few of the more obvious boundaries that I have come across.


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    The third picture is my favourite! Lucky you sent me an email as I did not receive notification of this post 😦 If you want to link back to your photos from my blog you are most welcome 🙂

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      wordangell said,

      Thank you Pip, I am not too sure about linking things, not even sure if my mail address is connected to my blog, can you give me an idea of how to link your blog to mine… meanwhile I’ll have a play and see if I can manage to do it. M

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