Postaday2011: A Country Life.

Before I begin this blog I must have a moan. I spend ages sorting my photos and placing them carefully next to the text then when it is published they are all over the place and the words no longer match the pictures. Ah well, methinks I am doing something wrong. I have tried re-arranging the pictures and resizing them but it looks worse. I think I shall leave well alone.

Meanwhile, I have written before about country living. How much I miss it following moving back into town but, I have some wonderful memories of an idyllic life. Ok it is very different to the town, the rules are soo different, I mean two of my children worked in a pub, washing up and preparing salads from the age of twelve for their pocket-money. The boys would go out beating for the pheasant shoot, they had air rifles and so much more freedom than there is in the town.  It was harder in as much as there was no central heating in some of the cottages we lived, the weather dictated whether the phones or electricity worked  and buses were only every two hours. It was worth it though, some of  the wonderful memories have been captured on film and while looking for pictures yesterday, I found one or two to share.

We lived in working farm villages and Suzi loved the cows, so much so that she would spend as much time as she could in the barns with the babies. When she wasn’t on the farm she bred hamsters and rabbits.  This picture is just one of many with Suzi with her hand in a calf’s mouth.   

Quite often the children would find something to amuse themselves. When builders came and left a pile of bricks in a lean-to overnight, they came back next day to … a pyramid!   We have no idea what they thought about it but the kids found it very amusing.  If they were up at the farm, there was always a cart and a friend to lend a hand.                                                                    



 We were surrounded by farmland and in summer the cows would be let in the adjoining field. Our chickens were and really curious but I wonder if they knew they were being watched.                    When we were fairly new to rural life stupidly we planted runner beans next to the fence not realising the cows would let in the field later on.. Yes, you guessed, they stripped all the plants as far as their long tongues would reach. A definite learning curve there. The winters were cold, the valley had its own little biosphere and one winter we had a leaking pipe. The resulting icicles outside the back door were spectacular this particular year.

Finally, this last picture of the field next to the house showed me that there is not always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. We searched where this rainbow ended in the field to no avail but it was still beautiful to think that we were lucky enough to actually experience standing beneath the glorious colours at the rainbow’s end.                                                                                            

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    Aditi said,

    Wow lovely photos. I am sure you must have had lots of fun at the farm. Missing it becomes evident .

    Can i just make a suggestion: Please consider using the different color for your blog or may be another theme. Though this is also nice but extreme vibrancy is injurious to eyes 😀

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