Postaday2011: Gorgeous Coastlines. UK.

I made it, I have located most of my photos with just a few more to find but I can at last post on the wonderful coastlines we have in the British Isles. Well a couple of them anyway. The difficult thing now is to decide on which ones I shall post. I am really proud of myself today because as anyone who knows me will tell, I am the worlds greatest procrastinator, absolute expert at it. I mean what better way to lose one’s self other than in old photographs. But, having controlled the urge to walk down memory lane I discovered that I have enough variety of pictures to post several more picture blogs. Yeay!

Digression is another thing I am good at so before I go off on a totally different tangent, here are some of the wonderful places I have visited.

To begin with here a couple of East Head near to where we lived in Chichester. A wonderful sandy beach that hold lovely memories of making sand sculptures and walking round the entire spithead on freezing Boxing Days with friends.

Moving down to the West country, Land’s End was just so breathtaking.

But then so are many other of the coasts in the west Country.    

I think these were from Newquay , I must add a note here to ensure I label or name my disks and pictures. I have to say here that the pictures I have from N.Ireland are absolutely spectacular and have been a great source of inspiration for my art.

The picture on the left is from the top of the Giant’s Causeway and the right one is a view from the other side.                                                                     


I could spend so much time posting these pictures but I must move on.   The following two pictures are from Harry’s sister’s kitchen window and have inspired several of my paintings. That view is like having a constantly changing picture. I am sure I would spend all day just watching if I lived there.                                                                   

A short ferry trip took us across to Donegal, Once more the beaches and scenery were breathtaking. All the rocks were silver and we had to bring one back with us as a souvenir. Harry calls it Eric the rock… I won’t ask, after all he does come from Ireland.                  

At the end of these photos I will post a couple of my paintings to show just how much these pictures have inspired me, but first here is a few from, Stonehaven, Dunnotter Castle, Scarborough and Plymouth.


   I think I have shown a tiny selection of beautiful coastlines around the British Isles, there are so many more. Some of the pictures were taken with an old camera and didn’t scan too well but you can get the idea. I have enjoyed reliving these places and once again they have inspired me. I rate seascapes as as important to me as sunsets, clouds and countryside so I shall see what else I can find in my archives. A little self indulgence! Meanwhile to finish I have added a couple of my paintings, enjoy.


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  1. 1

    Love your paintings! I can’t seem to capture the sea and have given up.
    Are you going to enter the wordpress weekly photo challenge?

    • 2

      wordangell said,

      I am thinking of it but I’m not really a photographer but do have some ideas, just finding the right picture. Thank you, re the paintings.. I just love painting the sea..M

      • 3

        I don’t know – your photos look great to me but then I am not into “arty farty” photography LOL 🙂 if you know what I mean 🙂 You have nothing to lose by entering 🙂 and you don’t have to enter every week…

  2. 4

    louids said,

    beautiful paintings =))

  3. 6

    wordangell said,

    Thank you Piglet, you are so encouraging. I have posted a few pics but you know, I reckon doing all these posts is therapeutic, makes me think and be glad for so many tings. Thanks everso for posting. x

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