Postaday2011: Maybe tomorrow.

I started out today with a set of plans. I was really systematic and started off really well. Shower, breakfast – read a chapter of my book –  clean the kitchen, fold the laundry, iron my trousers, write my blog. I did most of it before 11am and was feeling pretty smug, just my blog to do. I looked out my photos and found some gorgeous ones to post but then I got wonderfully distracted. My daughter came over with Millie and everything goes out of the window because I cannot resist her. I haven’t seen her all week because of this cough and I missed them so much. Best laid plans etc. I have put the coastlines pictures off until tomorrow. They are marked priority!

I had an interesting afternoon, my daughter came with me to a hospital appointment to find out the results of aforeblogged MRI scan. I can report I do have a brain in there and nothing else. I am delighted, doesn’t explain, and no explanation offered, why I have gone deaf in one ear. Ah well. All the blood tests came back as insignificant except the RA one which wasn’t surprising since I have arthritis but even though the doctor was unable to help I am just so pleased there is nothing serious going on in my head.

So todays blog is a little short and on the boring side but I have found one picture of a painting I have done that was based on the view from the window of Harry’s sisters home in Port Stewart, NI . The pot in front of the picture is real btw, I’m not that good- yet!  Hope it whets the appetite for tomorrow’s blog x.


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    Nicole said,

    Wow you’re very talented.

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    dave said,

    Hi Mum…. really love the painting…. and it’s excellent with the real still life… feels like Magritte. can i share that on facebook?

    Today’s Bit ‘o Wisdom from my Experience: Blogging that you will blog tomorrow doesn’t actually work to force yourself to blog the next day… because it becomes stuck in the “To Do” list part of your brain that your creative side treats as hostile at best 🙂

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      wordangell said,

      Hi Dave, thank you for reading my blog… of course you can use the picture…. it is one of two that have both been sold but I guess as the artist I retain the rights to show it as my work etc.
      I think I must have a weird brain because when I say I must blog , or do something, the next day, I feel as if I let someone, myself, down if I don’t do it. Especially if I have told other people I will. I have the pictures here ready and will do them tomorrow before I do anything else… promise… My to do lists are always my priority, mainly because I don’t have anything else to do that is that important… cleaning, cooking and laundry don’t count, lol. I don’t think my brain works as it is meant to… hmm. Love you loads xxxxx

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