Sunsets to warm the heart.

Much as I like chatting about places I have been to, I thought today I would share some gorgeous sunsets. Obviously to me, each one means something because of where I was in my life when I took the pictures, but I hope that sharing them will inspire you to write, paint or take some pictures yourself.

Having said that, actually the first two were not taken by me but by my ex husband and he has kindly allowed me to post them. These are from one amazing night somewhere around Christmas 1988/9 just before we left Hastings. The skies were on fire and I sent him down the road to the West Hill to get some pictures for me to paint  and these were the result.

This first one overlooks Hastings toward the sea. I just loved the sihouette effect. The second picture is a real fire sky and this time silhouettes the castle.


I have never gotten round to painting them yet but they remain in my collection of photographs waiting for their moment.

Stokes Bay is a wonderful place to walk with views across to the Isle of Wight. The sun is just about to slip below the horizon. Another silhouette, I will get the perfect one if I keep trying. 

Purple dusks are just so beautiful, especially when there are a smattering of clouds and well, everyone knows about me and clouds. The next picture was taken in the village I used to live and unfortunately it is a scanned picture which doesn’t do it justice but I love it anyway. 

You know those time when gadgets don’t want to do what you want them to do? Well my scanner has decided it is going to tell me it needs to be connected to a USB . Does it not realise it has just scanned and sent it wirelessly, to my computer?!!! Ah well. I shall have to conclude my entry for today. One thing though, by looking through my disks for photos I found some wonderful coastlines. Maybe tomorrow I will post some of those. I have painted those.


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