An extra blog to catch up.


I know I have added a blog today but I have a little time to myself and I have set myself the challenge of the complete 365 blogs despite being the worst diary and blogger keeper ever.

Honestly, I have another bug, the third since New Year’s Eve,, and am really fed up with coughing and spluttering and despite having taken cough syrup, pain killers, honey and lemon and natural herbal drinks I was coughing like a good’un until my wonderful Harry bought me a bottle of red wine. I mean I have coughed and coughed all day. A relentless barrage of explosions complete with the headaches and feeling exhausted despite every other part of me being normal. Nothing has soothed the barrage of coughing until that is … the red wine.

This why I blog at 11.30pm because I am cough free, very merry and need to catch up on blogs I might have missed. I checked my stats tonight and they have gone up so another reason for blogging is to say thank you to those who looked at my blog as well as the lovely people who commented too.

 My brain might be addled a little but my heart is still sincere.. I think I might stop now because I might say something that I look back on in disbelief tomorrow .

Bless you if you have read my blog and tomorrow I think I am going to post on amazing coastlines I have visited.. xxx

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