Postaday2011: Optimist or pessimist?

OOh this is an easy one for me, I am definitely an optimist. I mean how much nicer is it to look for the positive and hope for the best bits of things? My glass is definitely half full, with smatterings of hope that soon it is going to be brimming. How dreadful it must be to have a half empty glass and not seeing any hope of getting it refilled. Come on! I believe most definitely in the law of attraction, what you think is what you attract so if you think negative things or fear something, then you increase the probability it is going to happen. Again there is no contest, I would rather be positive and attract the great things in life.

It all sounds easy and in reality it is. It is all about changing the way you think. Imagine getting up late and feeling angry, rushing around, slamming around and moaning just encourages everything around you to go wrong. Just by relaxing and believing everything will be ok, you will change your whole day. Try smiling and acknowledging all the good things that happens. I must admit I can be a bit laid back and tend to anticipate events. Take going to work by public transport. I always left in plenty of time but once on the train there is nothing you can do should a delay happen. I observed people getting stressed and shouting into mobile phones, pacing around looking out of windows, muttering to themselves and I just smiled. All out of my control, a short message to say I will be in asap, then I would sit back and relax. I do not want my day to remain as it could be if I was angry. If only everyone else could see that. I am a great people watcher and that was one great situation to watch the habits of people. I try to imagine what might happen when they get home.. ‘kick the cat’ syndrome? It all has a knock on effect.

Think then just what it would be like if we just took a deep breath and said ‘ok, this is what has happened, can I change things? no!’ so I will sit and relax, read my book or whatever. Often striking up a conversation with someone will make the time pass and hopefully make them feel less stressed about it all. I arrived to work relaxed, sometimes thankful, especially if I had a difficult class to teach, not quite the right attitude but hey! I’m not perfect – quite. But by being calm about things the rest of my day remains calm and those around me are also calmed. A bit like a ripple in a pool.

It reminds me of a quote, ‘As man thinketh, so is he.’ I never understood what it meant, there are many more but they all say the same thing. The person I am each day depends on my thoughts for that day. I know people who every time you ask them how are you they go into the ‘poor me’ speech. ‘I’m knackered’,  ‘ I am tired’, ‘I have a headache,’ and guess what? their day stays exactly the same, dull, tiring and a drag. Just by being positive and looking forward to the day makes it sunnier and easier to cope with whatever it throws at you.

I am definitely an optimist and see the good in everything. There is always a reason that has caused things to happen, we need to look at the wider picture. Those yobs on the street? they are just kids that have probably had a really negative start to life. Call a kid a lout and he/she will be. I remember being in another town on holiday with H, who was still working on being positive, and not being able to find somewhere. The only people around were a group of rough looking youngsters. I suggest going to ask them but H makes some comment on yobs etc. So I go to walk toward them and he stops me, bless him for being protective, but I ignored him and went up to the dozen or so lads and said ‘ excuse me guys, can you tell where….etc.’ I was met with a group of young men that were all too happy to help, who smiled, were polite and pointed us in the right direction. I think H learned something that day. If he had taken his bad attitude to what he thought looked like to him a local yob gang, they would have reacted as he would have expected maybe…

Be positive, I say, look for the good or the reasoning, treat people as you would like to be treated and be happy. Look at the world with a smile, smiles are contagious and spread quickly, much better to get a smile back than a scowl and who knows, you might just make somebody else’s day.

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