Postaday2011: Late again!

I have done it again! Late, and far too late to write a proper blog despite all my efforts to do one earlier. It was a good day despite being busy. My son, daughter in law and granddaughter Emily came over and my two youngest daughters with Maica and Millie. I was very good and got up early.. my apologies to my neighbours when I vacuumed at 9.30 this morning… I got everything done so I could actually relax and enjoy the children. They even persuaded me to take a walk with them in the glorious sunshine. Painful but I managed it. How precious it was to spend a lot of time just chatting to Maica while the mummies, and one daddy, with babies, or babies to be, had time to talk without all the little questions.

I so enjoyed just listening to the chatterings of my little three-year old Maica, I think it gave her Mum a well-earned rest for her ears. We just sat and had a conversation about anything she wanted to talk about. The way the orange peel looked like a star or a little man after we’d peeled it. Papa building a plane in the lounge, Mummy growing a baby, why all the babies were here. Sorting out relationships was fun. We decided they all came to grandma’s house because I was mummy to their mummies and daddy, and grandma to the babies, including her. The hardest thing was to say why I lived with GrampyHarry. Hmm in terms easy enough for a three-year old, not easy at all. In the end she accepted that GrampyHarry and I lived together because it was like she had Mummy and Daddy , Millie had Auntie Tabby and Uncle James and Emily had Uncle Scott and Auntie Claire. Simple! well she was ok with that.

This week also promises to be a busy week, the dinner party we had to cancel for Saturday will be this Saturday instead. I froze the Haggis to ensure their safe keeping, they would have been fine but, well just in case. I have a follow-up appointment to find out whether I do have anything between my ears, Not looking forward to that either but hey ho… and I have also to do a mountain of ironing that has suddenly crept up on me. All that as well as normal household stuff and before I get to do my things like painting and writing.. Ah well.

So, another rather boring blog entry but at least I did one. Thank you to my children for a wonderful day, will add some pictures to this post tomorrow but meanwhile I am off to my bed to have a well earned sleep.

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