Postaday2011: technology

So I have 15 minutes to write on what technology I couldn’t live without… Serves me right for being late after a busy day, happy busy day with family I might add, then well-being Friday night, a bottle of red wine… So to this technology. I am a gadget freak so this is such a difficult topic, maybe we should start with electricity. Now that is some technology, ok ancient now and very sophisticated but imagine being without it. No light, no washing machine, cooker, vacuum cleaner and as for my dozens of fabulous kitchen gadgets that would be useless, my technology has to be electricity.

I am sure there are loads of other ideas but when and as I think of them, each is powered by electricity. I don’t go out often but think of clubs, pubs, cinemas, shops, freezers, escalators, trains, heating and then the medical profession and surgery… No, I am thinking as hard as I can and I still think the greatest technology has to be electricity. I mean even the ecological saviours like wind turbines and solar panels are all for .. yes.. electricity to run modern technology.

If you want to go basic well I guess it has to be washing machines and vacuum cleaners, a bit more advanced then it has to be computers, which covers everything from mobiles to everything in modern life . I have two minutes to go but it still all boils down to… Electricity …. going to publish now or be late… again xx

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