Postaday2011: Oops!

I know I said I would not make any excuses so I won’t but yesterday I just ran out of time, very similar to today’s efforts at blog writing. Trouble is you see, I love reading. I also get so sad and lonely when I finish  book and have this sort of gap. I recently read the Steig Larson trilogy, ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ etc. and I came up with a cunning plan to avert the missing something when I finish a good book. What is it? What can be better than 3 books to keep me going? Why five of course. I bought the ‘Shardlake’ books written by CJ Sansom and I am in seventh heaven. Firstly, I love historic novels, secondly, my interest lie in Medieval Britain and thirdly they are brilliant books and there are five large volumes . So herein lies my reason for not getting my blog done yesterday.

I had other things to do that filled my day and got a phone call for advice on my poorly grand-daughter which caused me to sit up and wait for a reply, well I couldn’t concentrate on writing. On hearing she was ok around 11pm I was going to write my blog and go to bed but I was tidying the lounge first and well my second book in the series just lay there on the settee… I finished it around 1.30 am. Had to be done, such a well written book that you need to know what happens, so there that was my excuse… no not excuse, my reason for not getting anything written yesterday.

I will however, write an extra one or two to make sure I have enough entries, even if they are two to a day occasionally. Actually I reckon I have done really well so far. I have had some positive feedback on the my town blog so I thought I would give a view of my hometown next… Hastings. That might take a while because there is so much to say about Hastings. There are loads more places to write about in Gosport but I will get round to covering everything little by little . As I am late again tonight, I will endeavour to write early tomorrow, have a dinner party tomorrow evening… just covering my back here…. and include two entries. xxx


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