Postaday2011: My town:Gosport.

I have often said, many times in fact, just how much I hate living in Gosport. Based on the fact that I had previously lived an idyllic life in the heart of the countryside on the edge of the Downs, below Bow Hill and the biggest natural Yew forest in Europe, I am sure no-one can blame me for thinking that way. After all, who in their right mind would swap brick walls and heavy traffic for the hundred and eighty degrees of sky, forest, wildlife and fresh air of a working farm village. Maybe I should say no more and take a look at just what Gosport does have to offer. This first picture is of Falklands Gardens which is at the harbour.

Gosport is a small town on a peninsula, unlike most seaside towns both Gosport and Portsmouth, which is a short ride across the harbour on the ferry, are flat. A boon if you have difficulty walking I can tell you. The only problem comes, well I make light of it because I am not a driver, but traffic is a major issue and one to be considered if going off the peninsula because there is only one road, both in and out. This means such a lot of congestion at peak times but instead of looking at the down side, I am determined to show Gosport’s good bits. This view is from the top of Portsdown Hill which overlooks Portsmouth Harbour from this point. Gosport is across the water to the right of the tower but I think this gives the best view to demonstrate the ‘flatness’ of the terrain. The views from here are breathtaking and change regularly with the tide and the weather and it is only a short car ride out of Gosport.

The walk along the harbour gives a wonderful view across to Portsmouth with all it Naval attractions. Some say we have the best of Portsmouth because we can see it all. From the Warrior pictured here to the Spinnaker tower, across to Spice Island and out to sea, it is relaxing just to sit and watch the ships and ferries sail by too. Of course the other side of what we call the creek, is also a beautiful place to walk and there are many areas around Gosport to access these walks. Monk’s walk is one of them, behind St Vincent’s College another and to walk across the other side of town will take you to the rear of the old Haslar Hospital. Each of these places has its own charm. 

From the Harbour Walk on the left here you can watch the ferries going to and fro across to Portsmouth. There is always something to watch and see.

On the other side of the peninsula the views are just as beautiful and you can see the war ships in the Dockyard, there are also some interesting wrecks in the mud flats too. Because of its Naval history Gosport also boast several museums; Explosion, the Submarine Museum and the across the water the Naval Dockyards.

A little further afield Lee on the Solent has a lovely beach with nearby ice-cream parlor and  shops. There are some great restaurants there too. Also nearby is Stokes Bay a wonderful and very popular place to walk, windboard, fly kites or just walk on the beach and the village of Alverstoke which boasts a fantastic fish and chip shop.                                                                   

  My favourite nearby village has to be Titchfield  but before getting there Stubbington also has a lot of charm and some really good shops. For me the church in Titchfield is just one of the lovely things to see. I guess I love it for its rural setting.   There are, as you can see many lovely places in and around Gosport and although I knock it is only because I prefer to live the country life and miss it so much. There are very few birds where I live, mainly sparrows, seagulls, pigeons and starlings. I rarely see any others which is a great source of disappointment to me but as though to make up for it the starlings provide an aerial display like no other. In the summer  they begin to gather on the rooftops by late afternoon. When you walk out of the back door the sky is filled with the chattering and chirping of hundreds of little starlings all lined up upon the rooftops and chimneys along our street. In the picture here they have just begun to gather, by the time they have finished which can take quite a while, there is little space for another bird. The sound is loud and I imagine could be quite intimidating to anyone not keen on birds. Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’ springs to mind….  Shortly after this  great gathering the chattering ceases and they fly up in their thousands, huge flocks of starlings that create quite a picture in the sky but best of all is to be at the ferry, preferably Portsmouth side. I watch in amazement every time at the perfect geometric shapes that each separate flock creates in the sky. Flock after flock arrives, dances in the sky and then by some silent signal every one disappears beneath the platform of the station that stands over the harbour on a pier. Such perfect timing and synchronicity. Thousands of birds all in the sky at the same time and not one of them gets in the way of another, so tremendous to watch.                                                                                                                                      So, there are a lot of great places in Gosport, God’s Port Harry likes to call it, or if you’re coming in by road the sign says ‘G’spt’. So guys next time you are looking for that special spot, we have it down here, It is worth a visit.

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    Nicole said,

    Wow, I grew up in Stubbington and then lived in Gosport for 5 years before leaving to go to university in Southampton.

    I hated Gosport, it is run down and in desperate need of some regeneration. It has so much potential with a little investment.

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