Postaday2011;The Weather and housework.

How can a day change so much in just a few short hours? When I got up this morning it was fairly dim and sort of grey but by the time I had made the bed and had a cuppa the sky had little patches of blue dotted with multi-colour clouds. Not necessary a good sign but I accepted there were some blue skies ahead. True to my thinking by ten o’clock the skies were blue and the sun was bringing warmth and light to our little terraced home.

What is it about sunshine that grabs the brain by the stem and forces its host to think ‘I must clean, I must clean.’? I mean it isn’t compulsory and could have been left till another day, couldn’t it? Maybe not, another part of my brain kicks in and says: ‘Don’t put off till tomorrow, what you can do today.’ Eh? What? Where on earth did that come from? There seems to be some sort of conspiracy going on in there, Am I the only one that notices it?  I just thank my lucky stars I don’t live near my daughter in Florida, my god! I would be on a forever cleaning frenzy. By the way the picture here is a sunset but it serves perfectly to demonstrate the colour of the clouds.

Speaking of which, I am aware that pink clouds in the morning generally mean either a shepherd or a sailors warning, depending whether you are a country person or local to the sea. Anyway, that besides, I clean. The house looks so much brighter and better after I have finished too, why is that? I clean regularly even when it is dull outside?

I have my lunch some delicious chicken and bacon soup that I made from last night’s meal, followed by a quick check of my inbox. Driven by the cleaning madness, I sweep all the junk from all my mail folders, send some important emails then decide to carry on with the blitz upstairs having completed downstairs but… the blue sky has gone and by two o’clock the day is decidedly grey. My mood alters accordingly, my get up and go has got up and gone, well almost. I did do a tidy up and there are surfaces that scream at me to dust them. So why, oh why is it taking me such an effort.

Despite it all I fight the greyness that threatens to overwhelm me and continue my housework upstairs. My kids think there is something wrong with me because I actually like cleaning my home and I can’t explain to them the buzz you get when it is all spotless, sweet-smelling and shiny. Until recently when we visited my younger daughter and were ushered into the bathroom where she had found time for the first time since her baby was born to do a spring clean. I was so proud of her, not for doing the cleaning, it wasn’t dirty for heaven’s sake but I was proud because of the look on her face. I could see she had finally ‘got it’. Another one of mother’s sayings, I know, I know, so hang on and I will explain. She had found the feeling, you know the sense of pride and achievement when a job has been well done. Instead of knowing in the back of your mind that you have something you know you have to do, you can sit back and relax and have no guilt feelings .

Maybe I am the only one that feels that way but it’s the feeling I have when I have to clean my house , top to bottom before going on holiday. I can enjoy my holiday knowing that I come back to a spotless home. A sense of pride and smugness. I mean can you imagine having a wonderful relaxing holiday but knowing in the back of your mind that you come back to a lot of cleaning to do? Then we tend to go on holiday in the summer when the weather is nice. I wonder what it would be like if it was a winter holiday and the weather dull. Hmmm.

Despite the dull and dreary after noon, I shall complete my housework and still sit back and smile despite knowing it won’t look anywhere as good as it would if the sun was still shining. Still I have proved to myself that even if I do nothing and go nowhere I can still blog about it. I mean the weather and housework as a topic! I should be getting lost in my set of books that beg me to read at every possible moment, painting maybe, baking a cake but anything rather than talking about the weather. I shall go out on a bright note with a picture of summer. Just to see if that doesn’t lift my spirits a bit more. Wait a minute if I half close my eyes … surely not. Is that God glaring at me over the horizon? I mean I really wasn’t criticising honestly. If you can’t see it, screw your eyes up and at least tell me I’m not going mad.  xx

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