A lazy day with Millie and stuff.

Don’t you just love them? Lazy days I mean and of course Millie, my best time waster ever. I hadn’t planned much of a day anyway and a friend was coming over in the afternoon but I have such a sore throat still that I called and let her know so she could decide whether to come or not. I’d hate to pass this bug on, it really is nasty. My daughter called and asked if she could come over with 6 month old Millie. I can hear you saying ..she put off a friend but wants to see her grand-daughter, what about infecting her? Well actually, it was Millie I caught it from in the first place so I figured it would be ok and having seen her nearly every day and she hadn’t got re-infected, I assumed it is ok. Just in case anyone might think what a terrible grandmother I am.

Playing with Millie is so satisfying, the instant she sees me her little face beams from ear to ear and makes me feel the happiest person in the world. Those little smiles light up every thing and everyone around her, such a sunny baby which is another reason  for not feeling guilty for not doing what I should be doing. Actually, it was really nice to spend a day with my daughter. We had lunch and chatted, put the world to rights and shared some quality Mummy / daughter time too. Tabby asked about knitting something so I showed her how to read a pattern and refreshed all the things she knew once before but had forgotten. I have always got bits of wool lying around in my cupboard and it was lovely to be able to supply what she needed. In fact, the afternoon despite being lazy has told me that I need to a bit more minimising. I am a hoarder and never throw anything away if I think there might be a use for it later on, therefore, although my place looks tidy every available cupboard space is filled with stuff.

Stuff is important because you never know when you are going to need it, right? Well I have stuff for knitting and crochet, stuff for dressmaking, stuff for patchwork, stuff for cross stitch, stuff for beading, stuff for lace making, stuff for painting, stuff for drawing.. there is a difference, stuff for doing on the computer later, like photographs etc, stuff for writing and each in its own separate category, stuff for baking, stuff for cooking, kitchen stuff,  Oh, and then there’s my library, thousands of books all over the house and I could go on and on and on. I need a bigger place really and that is despite having a room of my own just for my arty crafty stuff. I love my stuff and today proved that you do honestly never know when you will need it.

I spend many hours organising and reorganising my things, filing them or categorising them, Books are not exactly the Dewey system but I know where to lay my hands on any book I have ever had because they are all placed together by subject matter, either topic, or if fiction, by author. I get a great deal of satisfaction knowing I can lay my hands on anything I want because I am so organised. What I can’t get over is my need to keep updating my stuff. No I don’t have a problem with OCD, I just like being tidy and being able to find things. I guess my childhood was pretty messy and we moved around a lot so having somewhere to keep my things was difficult, especially being the only girl in a large family of boys. That’s my excuse anyway. But and another thought has just hit me; It’s nearly spring! that’s spring cleaning time. I know that’s boring so I shall start with my papers and books then I shall think about the physical cleaning that is more difficult for me to do.

I can see it now, all my stuff in a pile, or piles, on the floor and me wondering why on earth I started it. Dust bunnies stare at me having been disturbed from the top of  furry bookshelves. Fairy dust glitters in the sunlight from the window every time I move around. The bin suddenly become miniscule when I need something styled on a tardis. Then I go over the stuff I wrote previously and don’t remember why I wrote it but stop to congratulate myself on each piece because I didn’t think I could write like that but as it has my name on it must be my work. It all takes time and I am happy when it is all finished. Trouble is, much as I love doing it, I would rather spend the time with my grandchildren… Maybe that means I am getting older…

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