Postaday: catching up with a quick one.

Ten minutes to go before the bewitching hour when I have missed today’s entry so ‘define friend’ is my topic, be it only briefly. A friend is someone who you can trust with most of your secrets, someone you can trust, someone who wouldn’t lie to you but would tell you what they really think and as a friend you would listen,discuss and find good constructive advice in what they say so that you can grow and improve yourself. A friend laughs with you and cries with you, accepts your bad points as well as your good ones. Someone who grows with you and never holds onto the past, accepting that times change, people change and things you believed in before were yesterdays thoughts. A true friend is someone who, if you move away from each other and lose contact for a while, will pick up exactly from where you were as if nothing had changed when you next met.  A friend is someone who walks through your life and leaves a trail of memories and learning experiences, laughter and tears but most of all, unconditional love.. phew!  might just make this short entry before midnight xxxx

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