Postaday: Here’s to the weekend!

I haven’t yet received the hint for today’s blog so I shall just write my own. Well it is Friday again, YEAY! I just love Fridays. Not that I work any more having had to retire a couple of years back but my Harry does. I love him being home at the weekends. Bless him, he gets up at 4.30am every day and doesn’t get back till 18.20-30 , a long, long day. It is kinda nice for me because I get to do all the things I need to do without anyone, well Harry, getting under my feet and I can spend time writing or painting without feeling guilty. Unless of course, he is asleep in the chair, then I can sneak out. I sometimes think if he slept for a week he wouldn’t catch up on the time he misses. Mind you, he has recently added 8 minutes to his time for getting up because it takes him longer to get going these days but it always means he is early for work. I mean, why on earth go to work at 5.10 when you don’t need to be there till 5.45, and it takes ten minutes to drive there at this time of day. I know his military training has him fairly anal about anything to do with time but crikey, an extra 10 minutes asleep has to be worth something.

That besides, I like having him home. We chat over breakfast and all meals actually. He helps me cook sometimes, we go shopping together or out for a drive or visiting our children. Bedtime is after 22.00 and we sit up watching films together. During the week although he is there by 16.00 he is asleep in the chair till I wake him at ten to go to bed. It means I have to virtually spend the evenings by myself as well as the daytime. I wish he had a job with sensible hours then we could have more time together. Before my daughter left home nearly a year ago now, we used to have such fun. He’d snore in the chair and she would do silly things like mimicking his snore or placing things in his hair. We’d laugh so much when his snoring woke him up. He would blame it on Tabby, or the cat and he’d laugh with us. It is so quiet now. Mind you when she visits they still joke around with eath other;  in this picture, Tabby was setting up a photo –  like Grandpa like Baby. Or was it the other way around?

The bonus to having the house to ourselves, though,  is that we get to visit the grandchildren and yesterday H was off for the day so we went to watch Millie have her first swim in the pool. It was just so wonderful to be able to do that. She absolutely loved it. Kicking her little legs and squealing with delight as Mummy and Daddy dipped her and swished her in the water. I ‘ve not seen any of my other grandchildren do things for the first time so it was such a real pleasure. Even Harry loved it, just seeing her smiling face was wonderful.

This weekend we have absolutely nothing planned, well we didn’t until the Electricity company decided our electric meter has come to the end of its life and needed replacing sometime between 10 and 12 on Saturday morning. Grr. I am still coughing and spluttering with this virus, what a nasty one this has been! so nothing that will make me cough any more than I do. And I have my wonderful books to read while Harry, who has the attention span of a gnat, listens to his audio books. An excuse for going to sleep if you ask me but it is good for him to just relax and I really don’t mind because I am a potterer and can always find things to do.  Unplanned weekends are wonderful, not sure what we will do yet but one thing’s for sure, we will enjoy it. Roll on six thirty.


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