Postaday: away from the suggested topic.

I decided that today I would write something different from the topic. Firstly because I am still suffering greatly from this virus and struggling to think straight and secondly because I am in seventh heaven tonight… No, don’t be silly, nothing exciting, well it is to me. There are two things that are really quite dear to me and the first happened after we got home from visiting the children tonight.

As we turned the road toward home the dim, new energy-saving lights glowed dimly across the street. I quite like them but many don’t. I was really surprised to find that as we turned toward the garage the street was brighter than it usually is and looked round. One light was bigger and brighter than all the others. I thought this was really strange until we moved a little further and there suspended like a huge silver ball in the sky, the moon slipped from behind the street light. It was huge. Every crater was clear in shades of grey and blue as she stared unblinking down at me. I walked up the garden path and her silver light touched all the sleeping plants throwing shadows across the garden, my footsteps were sure as each stone in the path to my back door was lit clearly.

I love the moon. Every time I see a full moon as big as the one tonight, I travel back to my time living in the rural beauty of the coutryside where I saw her surrounded by trillions of pin prick stars, watched as she rose above Bow Hill in deep harvest red and was so big she filled the sky. The world was rose coloured and even if I stretched my arms I could reach the sides of her. Sadly as she rose higher in the sky her orb became smaller and brighter until she shone as she did tonight and lit the forests and lanes as clear as day, yet in so soft a light that it was comforting. My dog and I spent many a wonderful walk lit only by that light. I miss those days but I am so thankful that I experienced them and they remain so clear in my memory. The moon is my friend.

The other thing was another simple little thing and I can hear everyone say, ‘my god, she is so sad.’ We had to go out this afternoon but I was waiting for a parcel. We couldn’t wait any longer and left the house. As we turned the corner I saw the delivery man at our front door and I yelled at Harry to pull over. I managed to catch the delivery guy and sign the little magic machine and collect my parcel. It sat tantalisingly on the back seat as we did our visiting, attended a hospital appointment and did a little shopping. As soon as we arrived home I tore open the box to find the books I had ordered. All four of them! I had just read Dissolution by C.J.Sansom and loved it. Historic thrillers are really my thing so I ordered the rest of the five in that series. The books were gorgeous. Chunky paperbacks that would last me at least a week each, apart from the last one which was a veritable tome. Hard backed with a glorious medieval looking dust sheet. Sigh! Now that is pure happiness!

So I am sad but what can be better than bathing in silver moonlight – no naked dances I ‘m afraid, just feeling energised by the moon. Then following the evening by starting another brilliant book that makes me feel I was there. Actually I do have an ulterior motive for reading such novels, my own has links to the same time line and although a novel, CJ Sansom has done his research and I have learned so much about life in the reign of Henry Vlll and about Cromwell that I probably wouldn’t have learned had I studies political history of the times. What better way to research than to bury my head in a great novel? Secretly I feel sure I had a past life back then and feel so comfortable reading about things from way back then. So you see, today I am a weak from coughing but very happy bunny tonight.

Now I must post this right away to meet the deadline for this days post xx

Grr I missed the deadline by 15 seconds ah well as long as there are the correct number of posts by the end of the year I will have met the challenge.

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