Postaday: What gives me hope?

Not such an easy question to answer, there are so many things I could say and I guess it rather depends on any given situation. I guess one of the top ones as a writer is the encouragement of other people, whether they are writers or readers. As for what makes me question that hope, well, in my experience very few people will tell the truth. ‘That’s really good, I like that.’ are the kind of answers I will get which is really lovely but not always what I want to hear. I want constructive criticism, I want to hear if the piece ‘works’ for them, the bits they stumbled on or were less believable. Whether it flows or if it is too ‘chunky’.

Having thought about the third part of today’s topic… what makes me question my questions of hope? I guess here it is not so much I question the questions as much as questioning  myself. Do I believe in my work? Why can I not accept that someone actually likes my writing? Hmm worth thinking about.

In life, hope has many faces. The sun rising in the morning and shining through my window; the belief that every day is a new day and that any residue of grey areas from the day before is wiped out just by positive thinking. The smile of my children or grandchildren; the hug I get from my partner every morning before he goes to work; an unexpected letter; a phone call from a friend; a chance meeting in the street; a smile from a stranger… I could go on but life itself is hope. With every breath there is unquestionable hope and I am just so glad to be a part of this big old world.

I don’t think I really think too much about hope, to me if I need to hope then  things aren’t really as I want them to be. I prefer to accept what is and believe that life will give its best to me because I give my best as I travel my pathway. I haven’t always thought this way but my life’s journey has brought me to the spot where I am content and in my contentment I can accept whatever there is to experience in life without questioning. It’s a great feeling.

There is one thing that I do allow myself to have some hope for though, purely selfish.. I hope that my cough will be gone soon. It is driving me crazy! But then that’s less of a hope than impatience whilst waiting to get over this virus… and that I will be back to myself very soon.


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