The Wackiest advice ever heard!

I have crawled from my sick-bed… well settee actually, to ensure I get my post a day blog in before midnight, somehow I am not sure I  quite going to make it unless I write two. Mightily better than yesterday, I have a little more energy although the cough rattles my bones as though a dozen dogs bark inside me. I take my herbs and belive I would feel much worse if I didn’t have them. Thank you mother nature for your medicine chest.

Thinking on the wackiest advice I have ever been given the category of superstition has to come in here. My grandmother, bless her, was a mine of interesting sayings and my mother too. Everything from ‘don’t open that umbrella in here, it’s bad luck.’ to ‘Come and pick up this knife I’ve dropped, if I do it means bad luck.’  It was enough to make a child neurotic I can tell you. I lived with all this advice until I was old enough to summon courage to test them out. I did look up before walking under a ladder, just in case and I could never see the saying about black cats as true, after all we had one and it was always walking across our path. I quite liked the superstition of bringing silver, eggs, and coal  to a new-born baby though. When I had my second son, we were poor and I mean real poor. In the early seventies my husband was out of work and the day he was born, Mother’s Day, we had nothing but bread and potatoes in the house to eat. The half-crown went a long way in those days and as our only heating was a coal fire.. well you get the picture. It kept us going for a week.

I stopped believing in all those superstitious saying by the time I was a teenager altogether but they must have been ingrained in me. One night as I waiting by our front gate for a boyfriend to pick me up a full moon lit the sky and surrounding road and bushes. Now I had an ugly wart on the first joint of my thumb that had been there for what seemed like forever. It was quite big and I was really self-conscious of it. The advice someone gave me was to wish it away on the full moon. As it was somewhat preferable to tying a piece of bacon to it for a few days then burying the bacon so that as it rots so the wart would go away, I chose to try it. Not believing for one second anything would happen, I wished away while I was waiting. The excitement of the evening made me forget until a week later I was waiting once again and recalled the wish. I checked my thumb and yes! there was no sign of the wart which has never come back. So was that wacky advice? maybe it was just time and it had come to the end of  its life on my hand. Whatever happened it worked and although I am not superstitious in any way today, I do listen to some these wacky ideas, I mean who knows, they might not be so wacky after all.

Eight minutes past the hour but at least I got a blog in… Will do better tomorrow, fingers crossed.


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