Everything happens for a reason.

Do I believe that? Yes I do, very much so. I think it is only as you get much older that you can look back over your life and see the things that have happened and why. It is only now that I understand so much more about life and its amazing synchronicity. I mean how many times have I heard the expressions ‘If I hadn’t done …… I would never have met him.’ Or ‘ We were in the right place at the right time.’ This is a very deep topic and there are just too many co-incidences in this life to think any other way as far as I am concerned.

It works in other ways, apart from tying together circumstances. What about the things that don’t happen because we had a premonition or were forewarned. Many years ago I remember my late father in law telling me a strange tale. He was an insurance inspector and travelled around a lot, I think he was based in Edinburgh at the time. On one trip he had to fly wherever he was needed but before he could get on the plane he had an overwhelming feeling that he needed to catch a later plane so changed his flight. The plane he would have caught went down with no survivors. Spooky! So what made him feel that way? It must have been a strong feeling to make him actually heed it. This tells me that there are forces out there protecting us. Yes I do believe in angels, very much so.

My reasoning, therefore, is that if things like that can happen then surely there is something more than just chance controlling things? Years ago I was at a particularly low ebb in my life and, well to be honest, I was suicidal. My situation was dire and despite a strong faith I had made a decision to end it all. It was all planned, the sea was rough with waves many feet high that crashed onto the rocks, the winds were tremendous. I thought it would be quick and sadly was making my way to the place I wanted to be. Just as I was nearing the end of the promenade someone tapped me on the shoulder and as I turned, two ladies from the church I belonged to smiled at me. ‘You look like you need a cup of tea,’ one of them said. I had seen no one around as I was walking yet there they were. Today, I am so glad they were. They were my angels that day. I look at my gorgeous children and grandchildren and realise just how awful it would have been for them. I mean some of them wouldn’t even exist if ….

Then I think about the circumstances surrounding where I am now. The things that have happened to me, the people I am with. There was some engineering beyond human control I have no doubt. I mean, I lived miles away in the country, middle of nowhere and was so happy there. I ended up in a town, which I hate, with a wonderful man and surrounded by friends and family and yet I am content. He is from N Ireland, he didn’t live far from me but the chances of us meeting were remote. Good old internet. I knew the first time I spoke to him on the phone that we were going to share our lives. It is a longer story than that but when I think about it, it truly is an amazing journey.

I believe we are all an important part of the wider picture. Part of the universe, as important as any other energy that exists and when I look at the world from a distance, I find it amazing that it doesn’t all crash into itself. Birds fly through the sky. Have you ever seen the starlings and their amazing geometric shapes as they come home to roost?  The whole world turns in space, stars are born and die, people survive against the odds, people pass unexpectedly and yet in retrospect I always seem to understand that it was the right time. The right people were there, something was delayed and a serious accident was averted. I remember my father in law, who we nursed at home, saying to me. ‘If I die in my sleep. you will never know what happened to me.’  We always slipped in to see him before we went to bed. This one night were much later to bed because my son had come over and we were playing guitars, singing and talking. When I went in to check Dad, he was sleeping peacefully but something made me go closer and check his pulse. It was strong and even but something wasn’t right. I checked it again. Still steady and even but I sensed it wasn’t so strong. I called my husband and said I felt that it was time. We held his hands and spoke to him for a good ten minutes and he just slipped away. A final breath and his pulse just disappeared. It was the most beautiful thing I have experienced. I know that despite not being ‘with us’ at that point, he wanted us to know what had happened to him. OK I hear you say, just one of those things so why did my son come over on an impromptu visit, why did we stay up so late, what made me look closer, how did I know that it was time? I believe it was the beautiful synchronicity that the universe has that timed, like it does everything to perfection.

Another little story, before he died Dad asked me if I thought he would see his Mary again. Mum had died a few years ago suddenly at 78, Dad was 10 years older and was now 92. I told him yes I felt sure he would. So convince him further I told him to come back after he’d gone and let me know when he had seen her. On the day of the funeral, we were at the crematorium and I had ordered roses for the grandchildren to place on his coffin, as we had for Mum, just to say how much we loved him but they were missing, so a special part of the service was missed. I called the florist to be told the lady doing our order had collapsed and was rushed to hospital. She had completed the coffin flowers but the funny thing was, no one checked the docket to see if there was anything else and she never said anything to anyone. She was released a few hours later with just a stomach bug. The following day there was a knock at the door and a gentleman stood there with the explanation and the roses. He handed to me saying they belonged to us because we had paid for them and would we like them. I accepted and we put them with Dad’s cards on the dresser. The roses lasted over six weeks before they began to dry out. They never drooped, nor did they drop they just turned into dried roses. Now it could be another co-incidence but, every time I buy roses I am lucky if they last a week without drooping, failing to open or dropping. I believe Dad kept his promise to me and that he had found his beloved Mary.

So you see, I do believe everything happens for a reason. I believe that God, or whoever you conceive the Divine Power to be, holds the whole of life in that perfect synchrony. Too many things happen so perfectly for it to be otherwise. We just need to stand back, look and see.


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