What am I looking forward to?

I smile when I read a question like this and am at this moment in time resisting the temptation to write something silly. I am so interested in social history that I am constantly looking back and relearning the ways of the past and then adapting them to work in today’s times. I find it amazing to watch how life has changed so little yet so much. Technology has made amazing strides in leading us into the mad, fast paced life of today and even though I am enjoying the whirlwind of exciting discoveries, I still go back to the old ways. I mean, and I know my family have laughed at me for going back to natural methods of doing things and folk tend to ignore me when I offer my herbs and natural healing ideas but they really do work.

For example, everyone around me has had some awful bugs; flu, tonsillitus, tummy bugs and even Harry has had a really bad cough. On New Year’s Eve I started with a cold and immediately tried my herbs and supplements. My cold never developed past just that! The thick feeling in my chest never got infected, ok I had a cough but a very productive one and I felt great in myself. Harry has coughed and spluttered for night after night, eventually he gave in and took some of my herbs last night. Guess what? he slept all night without coughing. He makes me laugh, ok he’s a big guy but he does enjoy his food. I have been trying to change his diet for ages to no avail. Indigestion keeps him awake and he spends a lot of the night asleep in the chair. So I suggested changing his eating habits.. No no I am fine, always his cry. So I made him some meals that were healthier without telling him, guess what? No indigestion, so my old fashioned ways aren’t so silly after all.

As for what I do look forward to, that has little to do with what is behind me, I am learning to be positive, to forgive and love myself and appreciate the little things all around me. I always have  a great awareness of the little things in the world around me and been so grateful for them but this year I am using the power of attraction to make that work, I mean really work for me. This year, I am getting my work up to scratch and being published, this year I have more than enough money, this year I will achieve moving into my dream bungalow.

All these things have been just that – dreams –  up until now, by the power of belief I shall actually have my dreams come true. Already so many things have changed for me, doors are opening and I am working especially on my personal health. If I believe hard enough and be grateful for what I have already, I know things will change. So there is what I am looking forward to ……. making my dreams come true.

It will be interesting to look back over my blogs for this past year and just see how it has all worked out. Even if they are only read by me, I will still have had a great ride on an amazing journey, looking forward to instead of looking back at..


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