What would I like to be remembered for?

For me this was such an interesting topic and one I have strong feelings on, how I wish I hadn’t left it till 11pm before starting it. I shall have little time to craft it properly.  Mind you a day with my two youngest daughters, their babies and one of their friends was something that I would give anything up for. Despite it being yesterday’s topic I shall write today and catch up on the other topics as I go.

I believe that the mere fact that I exist in the universe, be it a mortal being on this small planet, my presence automatically makes a difference. If I had never existed there is a whole chunk of life that just would not exist so I believe my small part is as important as the smallest atom and as huge as everything that we know, or don’t know yet, exists. Every part of my being is a part of the energy that each one of us belongs to and I am just so glad for the wonderful opportunities that life has given me. I may not always be remembered for my existence but I will have made a difference to all the lives I have touched in this world.

But on a simpler and more materialistic level I am happy to be a part of the family chain. In me I carry the blueprint for a future generation that my parents and grandparents passed on to me. So although I know it will be only for a couple of generations, I am happy to be remembered as a mother, grandmother, Auntie, sister, friend and even a daughter. To take it at a much more basic level and one that is important to me, I would like to be remembered for the memories I have given people. Ok not every memory might be as good as others but it is still a memory that someone has learned something from. Today I watch my children carry out the little traditions that we all shared when they were small, with their own. These little things and ideas came from one of two places, my own childhood and things from my grandparents or from something in me that I missed and wanted so much to have. For me all these little things have come from four generations ago that I know of. Before that I never learned of some of my ancestors on my father’s side but today with internet research I have found so much about my mother’s side. I can see a thread running through the family from the 1700s right down to my grand children. What a thing to leave behind and what a fantastic thing to be a part of.

On a purely selfish level, I love to paint as many people know. I love that in the future, long after I am gone there is a small part of my life that could exist for hundreds of years, with my name on it. I feel honoured when people buy my paintings but I have bartered many for something I needed done in the house, others I have given as gifts. Each one of these are out there and someone enjoys them. In the future their owners might not know who I am but will have shared in my wonderful gift and enjoy them as much as I did when I painted them. What an absolutely wonderful thing to be known for. Selfish maybe? I just love the idea that something I loved doing will be still giving pleasure long after I am gone.

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