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I have been scanning my mail all day and have found no topic, help! Now I must meander through my own mind to find a subject. Looking back through today I am not sure what there is to write about. Fridays and Mondays are typically my housework days so what on earth can I find to write about in mountains of laundry, bed changing, cooking or vacuuming? Ah, a quick check in my favourite writing prompt book has a great suggestion. ‘Make your characters more than they are. If they are going to jump.. jump off a cliff, not a chair.’

Hmm ok, I stood silently steeling myself for the task ahead and for a moment  paused in contemplation before I tackled the huge white mountain that I had already climbed to the base of. The previous hill had been treacherous, fraught with rugged edges and wild beasts that thought nothing of suddenly leaping out and attacking as I reached each little peak. One in particular had been a monster problem this particular Monday climb. I had struggled to remove a large boulder from the top peak, a necessary action to make the pathway clear before I could see the way forward, when I became aware of two yellow eyes glaring at me. I shoved the boulder as hard as I could and watched from above as it careered its way down the slope. It had the desired effect and the creature shot off in an instant. It looked rather like a panther, certainly a feline of some kind. I steadied my nerves as I realised I had to go back down the mountain to make the pathway clear at the base since the boulder had broken up on the way down and had scattered across the bottom of the hill. After all, I could not leave the path blocked, I should be so angry if someone else had done it and left it for me to sort out before I could go anywhere. I could only pray the wild cat had been scared off for good.

The first hurdle overcome I made my way back to the lower peak before ascending to my final destination and the object of the exercise, a repair to the rest hut on the summit. I was so glad I had cleared the white covering earlier, it cut my time up there considerably. I had just prepared the base and was about to throw the final protection over the bunk when something caught my eye. The creature was back! Or so I thought… it was worse that I feared, out of the corner of my eye a striped tail disappeared beneath me just a few feet from where I was standing. I had to complete this task! I had no choice. It was my job to maintain the resting places for fellow weary travellers, I had to carry on regardless. I gingerly carried out the procedure, watching all the time all around me. I had not expected a low attack. I was putting the last touches in place when I felt a sharp pain on my foot. A snake bite? not this high up anyway. I felt something grab my ankle. Now I realised it could not be a snake, wasn’t far enough up for a yetti it could only be … the mountain tiger. One thing for sure though, he wasn’t having me for breakfast. I clapped my hands and the echo made the animal look round, immediately I saw my chance and broke free. Praying his teeth wouldn’t tear my flesh and excite him into a hungry frenzy, I leapt for the flat pathway to the downward slope, turned the corner and breathed a sigh of relief. All was clear. I slowly made my way down, step at a time, holding onto the rail above me. I wish I had been more confident, a sudden flash of black streaked into my vision and grabbed my hand. Its claws ripped into my flesh and held me fast as two yellow eyes burned into me, glaring angrily. I was done for.

I heard the thudding of something coming up from below and, still with my hand in the clasp of the panther, I froze again as the mountain tiger leapt toward me. I could do nothing but await my fate. I closed my eyes and waited for the inevitable. I felt the draft as the beast hurried past me up the mountain, leapt the top of incline and threw itself along the path toward the panther. The black creature was having none of this and immediately shot a look behind him as the tiger streaked past me. He released my hand. I had left the shelter door ajar and both wildcats made for the gap. The panther marginally in front made it through first and dived underneath the wooden slats. At which point the tiger stopped in his tracks, looked back at me where I stood meekly smiling at him, took a running leap onto the sleeping area, turned about twice and flopped his huge belly down before proceeding to clean his fur noisily. I’d seen the game so many times before. I think I was lucky it wasn’t me they were after, although they would have their fun with me, all they were seriously interested was who could stake the first claim on on the freshly made sleeping bunk.

I walked back down the mountain to the base and gathers the debris from the bottom. Exhausted from my ordeal, I needed a stiff drink. But before I could put the kettle on I had to put the armful of debris into the washing machine. Do you reckon that was good enough to make laundry sound like a jump off the cliff…Well, would you believe it! I have just received today’s topic. ‘What would I like to be remembered for?’ A bit late, I am so exhausted from my wildcat adventure, I reckon I will have to include that one for tomorrow… Mind you, I have mentioned it, wonder if that will do?

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