My perfect time waster.

I am going to have to move to get a blog post out on time today, 30 mins left and I don’t work too well under pressure. The topic for today was ‘ how do I entertain myself during the snow’ or something like that. I think we are very lucky in the South of England because we only had one burst of snow, Lots of ice and frost but not too much snow. This picture was it for about a week. I think being on the coast protects us from a lot of the cold but we sure get a lot of rain. I think the blog entry on snow isn’t one that I can persue today.

However I can post anothe r picture of  two of my favourite time wasters and I make no apologies for all the things I should have got done or  haven’t been able to go to this weekend. There is nothing in this world that makes me feel as good as my grandchildren. Ok I do have quite a few, like 14 and counting, and some I don’t see too often because they live abroad or miles away and those I treasure little snippets of what they are doing and photographs, but the ones that live near to me are such a source of pure joy.

This is Maica Poppy, my third to youngest grand daughter from back in the summer when she loved to help me water the plants in the garden. On Saturday we spent a great time together making pictures from all the little bits I had cut out from the Christmas cards. She has been making a scrap book for some time and have just got over half way through the book. Her suggestion that we ‘break it together’ had her Mummy and me in stitches. Her own interpretation when she didn’t know the words for ‘tear it apart’, don’t you just love kid’s own vocabulary?  We found some swan down, that she had collected last year, in the bottom of her ‘making box’ and we were doing a bit of physics at the dining room table. The end result of which is that rolled tissue paper falls faster that the down, which floated down like snowflakes, especially when we let five or six pieces go at the same time. Such fun playing with children and a great excuse to, well just play.

Sunday was equally as lovely in a different way. My youngest daughter and her little family came over today for lunch so I got to play with little Millie, also my youngest grand daughter at the minute. This little one came into the world smiling, I was blessed to have been present at her birth, and is still the smiliest baby I have ever known. Her smiles and giggles brighten the world and everyone who meets her. She is without a doubt such a blessed child. She was on the local news this afternoon and evening when the birthing centre in Gosport re-opened, such a star already. Take a look at this picture too and now you can see exactly why all my plans go to wind when these little angels visit their Grandma.

I guess these babies would also be my entertainment in the bad weather but if we can’t get together there’s always my writing projects and my painting to be getting on with. No comparison though. Right I am posting without proof reading because I have just 2 minutes to make todays blog. x


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