That ‘aha’ moment?

OK, so that’s today’s topic, that is so impossible to complete. I mean, define an ‘AHA’ moment, is life not one ‘AHA’ moment? Mine is. Then I guess I have the gift of being able to take each moment and see something really special. Take this weekend, it will be an aha moment if I manage to get this out before the bewitching hour.. That’s midnight for those who don’t know but meanwhile I had a wonderful hour or so with my three year old grand daughter. I had previously cut out all the little pictures on the christmas cards and we spent some time making sticking pictures. So precious. To me that is more of an aah moment though . As the hour is approaching in three minutes I will conclude this post with a promise to complete tomorrow’s in better time. I mean, what can be better than a good film, a bag of peanuts and bottle of good wine, well that’s my excuse anyway and as good an ‘aha’ moment as any… Till tomorrow xxxx


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