Something that makes me smile?

Well, I could list a hundred things that make me smile and then spend all day procrastinating about which was the best option. Instead I have decided that the one thing that makes me smile, just for this moment in time, is the fact that I have signed up to ‘write a blog a day’. Me?!!! well known for having wonderful ideas that were good at the time because they motivated me then having a million excuses not to carry out the said operation. It is a really big challenge for me and as I write I feel sure I should have signed up for one a week, but even if I only post a short one like this, I will accept my challenge and continue my personal blog as often as I can… Just a minute… isn’t that an excuse? I will have to ponder on that one, particularly as I have banned excuses for this year… Have a great day, a really great day!


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