By popular demand – I’m back!

Well, it sounds good and I thank all my friends who have asked when I was going to start my blog again. Now, which excuse would you like? Actually excuses are something I have banned from my communications this year. I have plenty, excuses I mean, and I think it is something that we British are so good at. How easy is it to come out with a perfectly valid reason for not doing something? Besides procrastination of course which is a perfectly valid argument and which I am perfect at, I think it is far nicer to say ‘Ooh I wasn’t feeling too good’ than ‘I couldn’t be bothered’. First you will always get a sympathetic noise from the person you gave the excuse to which naturally, feeds our ego, makes us feel better anyway and … it validates the lie.

Having come to the conclusion that excuses are indeed lies and the fact that I don’t tolerate lies. I can place my hand on my heart, I do often, and state I cannot lie… well apart from excuses. It doesn’t alter the fact that it is still a lie and so I am not giving any excuses this year. If I didn’t do something I will need to have a valid reason or I must say it like it is… This should be fun. It will make me question what I am about to say before I open my mouth though.

Another thing we are all so good in the UK is complaining about the weather, especially this time of the year. I have recently read, or should say listened to a talking book, and it has really opened my eyes. The book is called ‘ The Secret’ by Lorna Byrne. It is all about the Law of Attraction. My life has been a fascinating journey in retrospect, but I can identify times when I was swept along with the company I kept. If they were gloomy, I was gloomy and nothing was right. I spent many years with dreadful depression, panic attacks and agoraphobia and it took a lot of strong will and an amazing spiritual journey to get me to where I am now. That’s another story but today I can look at myself in a clearer light and I seem to have caught up with myself. I am walking the path with a parallel view instead of looking back and saying ‘Oh yes! now I see.’ Anyway, the whole point of this was to connect to the book.

I recommend this book for everyone to read. The Law of Attraction is an amazing thing. I was gloomy because I was with gloomy people and we drew each other down by discussing our problems. It was the ‘in thing’ to be on anti depressive drugs and feel down all the time. It wasn’t until I moved away from that end of town and found new friends, new things to do that my depression left. I joined groups, made friends, ran coffee mornings, became a Sunday School teacher, a chorister, had my own little business from home and coped admirably with bringing up my large family. ‘The Secret’ will give you many quotes from centuries past, the Bible and other religious books and the answer is there. How did I miss it? ‘Like attracts like’, ‘as man thinketh, so is he’, ‘I think, therefore I am!’

Last week I put the information in the book to the test. Harry and I were going to friends for a meal on New Year’s Eve which normally I might have made an excuse not to go but that night I told myself I was slim, I was attractive and so happy. I also told myself I was fit and strong. I refused to allow myself to even mention the health problems I have had. I believed everything I was telling myself. We  had a lovely meal and instead of leaving before midnight, which had been the second plan, we stayed until gone 2am, laughing and having a great time but more than that – I danced; I haven’t danced for a very long time. My friend said, ‘I hope you don’t suffer in the morning.’ I replied. ‘I won’t!’ The difference was – I believed it. I felt as fresh and wonderful in the morning as I had the night before and no pain. The book is wonderful, so if you are reading this and want to know what it’s all about – go out and buy a copy. If you live near me and would like to borrow an audio copy, just let me know.

It is not the easiest thing in the world to change the thought patterns of a lifetime and be positive all the time but I am practicing hard. Take this morning for example. I woke at 7 and it was dark, I turned over and dozed back off till 8am when I decided I had to get up. Outside it was really very dark and gloomy. ‘Another grey day,’ I said to Harry on the phone. Then it dawned on me… while I had been thinking about the grey day I had forgotten to look out at the sky and watch the eclipse at 8am. Of course it was dark! I missed something wonderful because I allowed the less than happy thought of the grey day cloud my thinking. Needless to say it gave me a kick up the backside. The universe was reminding me of the most important thing I had just learned.. the Law of Attraction.

So, no more negative thinking, I aim to be healthy, rich and happy in 2011.. Oh,  no weather reports before putting the brain into gear either but most of all – no more excuses. I am indeed…BACK!

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    barbara said,

    Hi Marie!
    It’s great you are back blogging, I really missed your wonderful insights into life. I think we all recognise ourselves in there and it brings a ray of sunshine (sorry mentioned the weather!) and spirituality to a materialistic world. Thanks again !!!!

    • 2

      wordangell said,

      Thanks Barbara, so glad you like my mindful meanderings. I didn’t realise anyone missed them, such an encouragement to find they do. Hope you are well, love to you all. xx

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