A Sneaky One

I thought I might just add a sneaky blog in at the end of today, secretly I hope maybe it will compensate for those times of heavy procrastination where I only get one blog written in a week. Seriously, I do hope to write a little each day.

Today has been the first ‘real’ day of the week. A day I have had to myself without too many distractions. H is back at work and as my daughter’s partner had put up some shelves in my workspace yesterday, I was able to gather all my books and bits and pieces together for easy access. What a difference it made to me. It became time to clear out my desk and rearrange my room. Ok my study also doubles up as an art studio and my ironing space but it is big enough for that. I know ironing sounds boring but I have a TV in here too and I watch all the DVDs that I don’t find time to watch otherwise. At the moment it is Victorian pharmacy/farm.. great history stuff as a resource for my writing. So I utilise the boring bits to do some research too. Good eh?

I digress, anyway, today I cleared my desk and went through all the scraps of paper and old stuff that was no longer wanted and relentlessly binned it. I filed all the little snippets of writing that were scattered all over the place and re-ordered everything, including my art stuff. Guess what? I have more space! Tomorrow is a new day and I have made a decision to take control of my days and, hopefully, be more disciplined. My decision is to take 4 hours out of my time, you know the days where you sort of achieve stuff but you’re not sure how, and use those four hours to ‘work’. I have to break those hours up into chunks where I am comfortable. By experience sitting painting for four hours leaves me unable to do much for the next two days so I shall pace myself between, writing, proofreading and painting.

I am working on a panoramic sea scape for a friend, a barter deal for some very necessary DIY using his carpentry skills. Knowing that I have waited five years for H to even look at it and that he is an expert pointer and should never, ever be let near any DIY whatsoever, I thought it was a good deal. Here is the base coat from which I shall work… looks like I want to be there already. A panoramic seascape in progress.

I find it really encouraging to have posted it on here, a sort of kick up the butt if you like. I have to stay motivated in case anyone picks up on the fact that I haven’t done any more. So, you are all part of the work I am doing from this moment on. A little piece of my history and I thank you.

Not sure how well I shall do at all this but now I have made it public, I will really appreciate a nudge from friends if I slack off any. So here’s to 2011 and a productive year. According to the law of attraction, and my interpretation, this year I am going to actually make some money. I sure need it… If there is anyone out there who fancies doing a bit of reading later on, be really glad of an opinion for chapters of my novel. Constructive criticism is really important and useful … Oh and I ‘m not easily offended. So here ends my sneaky entry just in time for today too…. I really appreciate any comments on my work! x


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