A perfectly wonderful day!

If a day can be any perfect, I would love to experience it. Seriously though, today has been the best for ages. It was Emily’s christening ( number three son’s daughter)  which means a family gathering. It doesn’t happen very often but when it does it really is wonderful. Most of my children live in different towns. Ed lives in Bristol, Scott in Midhurst, Sam in Hastings and are in Gosport along with Suzi and Tabby. To get five of my children together in one place is brilliant, four is more often the case . We all thought of those that couldn’t be there and sent loving thoughts to Laura in Florida, David in Switzerland and Simon also in Hastings but unable to get here.

One of the best things apart from catching up on all the little snippets of news from everyone is meeting new partners for the first time. I know, because there are so many of us, it must be daunting for a new girl or boyfriend to meet everyone for the first time. This event met a boyfriend for Hannah, my eldest grand daughter. A confident young man completely un-phased by us all. How scary that must be to meet everyone at once, but he took it all in his stride. Also meeting us for the first time was my youngest son’s girlfriend, Sue. What a lovely girl! My children have all picked such lovely partners. I could have sat talking and listening to Sue’s wonderful soft Irish accent for ages. So easy to speak to. How often is it difficult to make conversation with someone who is shy. Sue is confident, intelligent and so easy to get on with I wish the two of them loads of happy times for a long, long time.

While we miss those that couldn’t be with us we are hoping for a BIG get together somewhere in the next couple of years. My sixtieth birthday is in a couple of years and I have never had a real birthday party, also at the same time, it is Laura and Chris’ 10th wedding anniversary. What would be wonderful is for us all to meet in UK for a huge celebration and we have time to plan and save up for that if we start now.

My one disappointment was that I took photos with the cam corder and they turned out really grainy, gggrrrrr. A lovely day and not one good picture to show for it. Still I got some good shots of them on a video. My family

Here is the best I could get after a bit of editing, of the five – Samantha, Ed, Scott, Tabby (sitting) and Suzi. I am so proud of them all.

The next picture is of Ed and Sue… he is such a character and a brilliant performer. He had a wonderful full head of hair yet has decided to go bald since we last saw him. Not seen Sue perform yet but shall look forward to it next time we meet. Good luck with getting a place in Circus school, Sue.

Youngest son and his girlfriendThis is not so much a blog but more a proud Mummy reliving a wonderful day and showing off some rather poor quality pictures. I am so, so blessed.


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