Just today…

Today has been one of those days, much like another. For me I spend every day alone in our little house. I have got to like being alone, it means I can please myself what I do. I can meditate, I can do the housework, the laundry, the gardening, you know , all those boring house things that we have to do. I have my routine; get up, make the bed,  make myself a hot lemon drink, a cup of tea, take a shower, have breakfast. Then the day is mine.. today I painted. A hobby of mine that gives me so much freedom.

I love to paint seascapes, countryside or anything to do with the natural world. The picture I am doing at the moment is one that takes me back to our holiday a couple of years ago when Harry took me to his home country, Cookstown in N. Ireland. I have only seen such wonderful coastline once before, in Scotland. Last year we went to Cornwall, which was beautiful and where I would love to live one day, and although the coastlines there were beautiful, I never saw anything as wonderful as Ireland. My painting transported me back to a wonderful place with wonderful people.

When I paint I am no longer in my little house, no longer trapped by pain or inability to do the things I want to do. My mind is free to go anywhere I choose. I visit each rocky shore again and again. I notice things I missed when I was walking there and I can put them in my picture. I can smell the sea and fly with the birds, swim in the water, fly through the air, squelch my toes in wet sand and lay with warm sun on my skin. Painting transforms my world like a mini holiday.

I have little to say about today apart from the fact that I painted. I painted the sea, the bay and countryside across the water. I painted the rocks. Today it was the rocks that took me a long time away, back to when I was much younger. My two eldest children were very small when I used to take them to the beach when the tide was out. We used to gather tiny shell from the rocks, pebbles and bits of driftwood from the beach. We lived very close to the beach , a few minutes walk in fact, so it was always a lovely place to go, especially off season when the shores were nearly empty. Anyway, these tiny shells would be taken home, mine in my boxes and the children’s in their buckets. The boys would wash and play with theirs but mine were carefully boiled to remove any creatures or debris and placed in my collection to be made into something another day.

In those days we had no money so I had to make do for my amusement. The little shells and pebbles were transformed into paperweights and ornaments. Little men fishing from a rock, animals, people walking on a stony beach or maybe tiny shell houses. I never did anything  with them apart from give them to friends but each time I made one it took me away from the lonely, boring world I was in. Thinking of these little models reminds me of the time I spent painting plaster models to be sold in the little shop in the caves on the West Hill, also at Hastings. I spent hours painting pirates with treasure chests, parrots, pirate ships and all for a few pennies.

Well, like I said, today I did nothing much to see but in my little world of colour and memory I travelled a long way.

A holiday walk

This painting is the last coastline I finished before doing a sunset , just for a change. I imagine standing at the edge of the cliff where the picture was taken. If I were a bird I could fly way out over the cliffs. I could lay on the grass and dream as I watched the changing sky. I can hear the sea birds shrieking and squalling as they dive into the sea for fish. I can feel the wind in my hair, the sun on my skin and know who I am in this big old beautiful world.

So you see, when I say I am just painting, I really escaping to the wonderful world of nature where I can be and do anything I want. So today.. I just painted, I painted a dream or two.


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