Just a lazy day.

Sunday was a really lovely day. As always, I try to fit so much into each day, not always with any success I might add. We had a bit of shopping to do and the usual daily chores but in the afternoon my little grand daughter, Maica, had a party to go to in Locks Heath. It was a little drive away and so we volunteered. Well Harry did, but my idea was that I got everything done, including lunch and be there to pick them up at 1pm. I know it was Sunday but it is too hot for a roast anyway so I made Fajitas. Yummy, lots of salad and salsa with wonderful spicy pork, onions and peppers. It takes all of 15/20 minutes to prepare and cook and is a dish we love. We still had a bit of a rush round though so I sent H off with a shopping list whilst I carried on with the little indoor bits and lunch. We managed it quite well, but time creeps up on us and by 12.50, I still had to change and gather some bits together and we were supposed to be at Suzi’s by 1pm. We left the dishes in the sink and everything where it was and left in a rush.

The party was for an hour and a half so I figured we could drive somewhere near and take some pictures to paint at a later date. We sat on a bench beside the river mouth at Warsash and watched the world go by. People watching is a wonderful pastime. As we watched all the yachty people with their boats and yatchs struggling with boating gear and children, snippets of conversations slipped through the air and made us smile. ‘But Daddy, I am really too hot!’ A small boy around 3 to 4 years old stood in front of where we were sitting refusing to walk another step. I smiled as his father gave in. We at this point were sweltering, trying to eat an ice cream before it ran out of the cone, melting in the heat. The father bent over and began to remove the little, fully inflated life jacket the boy was wearing which covered the whole of his upper body and was strapped round his legs… followed by a light wind jacket, a tee shirt and a vest. No wonder the poor lad was hot. Dad was dressed in short sleeved shirt and shorts needless to say.

A short time later another father, fresh from a bit of sailing, walked by with three lads jostling and jumping around him. They spotted the ice cream van and began their pleading, using every tactic they could to persuade him. Eventually, he gave in to whoops of delight from the boys. ‘There’s one condition though,’ says he, ‘you must promise never to tell your mother I bought you ice cream.’ Wonderful!

Families were enjoying the sun and walking round the harbour. Brothers walking nicely until their little sister distracted Mum and Dad when the older one does his best to push his younger and much smaller sibling off the board walk. Another clever lad wanted his mother to ask him mental maths questions and while she was concentrating on keeping up with his constant demands, his little sister, a tiny tot around three, was climbing the wire and hanging over the edge of the walk, having been extricated from there she begins to march up and down. After several passes and no one is listening to her she decides to do a couple more walks up and down then keep walking quite happily, right to the end of the board walk before Mum realised she wasn’t there.

We watched the boats come in and out of the harbour and finished our ice-creams before having a little walk round. I was only able to manage a little way before we had to go back to the car so a little drive round was the next idea. It was brilliant to just drive with nowhere to go. It reminded of all the times over the years when a Sunday afternoon drive was a treat. Just after three we returned to the centre where we were to pick Suzi and Maica up, and parked in the shade. I love to just sit and relax, listening to the birds and the breeze in the trees and doing nothing! I don’t do it very often and I wasn’t disappointed but Harry found it difficult. He contented himself wih splatting and removing the bugs that flew or crawled into the car. At one point he had several bugs partying on his arm much to his disgust and my amusement at his antics to rid himself of them.

We waited and waited until eventually Suz came out, she hadn’t realised we were there so was nearly twenty minutes late out, but I didn’t mind. 3/4 of an hour sitting in the car in the midst of the woods and just ‘being’ was wonderful. Having gathered Maica up strapped her in the car seat we drove off. She wanted to paint some ladybirds like they had in the garden so we drove via Lee on the Solent to pick up  few pebbles followed by a trip round Stokes Bay before dropping them off at home. My younger daughter, Tabby was there so we thought we could pop in to see her instead of going down to her flat later on. By the time we left we realised it was too late to go to church so we just went home.

It has been a long time since I had an afternoon at the weekend doing absolutely nothing. I seem to have so much to do all the time and what started out as a favour to my daughter ended up a really wonderful and relaxing afternoon leaving me feeling completely refreshed. I am so glad we offered to help.


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