Mother’s Day!

Am I blessed or what? The one thing I love about Mother’s day is that I will speak or hear from each one of children on the same day…. So what, I hear you say, it’s Mother’s Day! I will allow myself a smile… it is in the uk but in Florida, and Switzerland and Spain, it isn’t. Yet each of my children has sent a card, spoken to me or visited. What a fantastic day. I have greetings from my cousins lad and from my daughter’s Spanish in laws… because I am family. How special does that make me?!

Personally I think that Mother’s day has become far too commercialised, I mean, cards for Grandparents , to my wife, etc… why? I say to my children all the time. I love you and if you need to say or do something, call me, email me, make me a card but do not spend any money on me unless you feel you have to. I was blessed with flowers, wine, a rose for my garden, all fantastic gifts but none so important as speaking to each of my children and hearing about what they are up to in their lives and how my grandchildren are doing

Today I spoke to each one of my children and that made me the happiest Mum on this planet. They all have busy lives and all live across the UK and the world. What better than connecting them all on one day. Best of all they all asked me to pass on their love for their siblings.

I am a proud Mummy, and despite everything that fought against me in this life, I have eight wonderful, caring and thoughtful children. Each with a good, honest heart.I am indeed very proud of each one of them. I must have instilled something fantastic in each of them despite my struggles and none of them have let me down….

I love you all, David, Simon, Samantha, Scott, Laura, Ed, Suzi and Tabby…xxxxxxxx

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