bobbins and lace

Well not really bobbins and lace, just the bits and pieces I was talking about yesterday. I thought I would take the opportunity in between jobs to take some pictures and get them put onto my blog before the day gets over run with other things that seem to take priority. Proofreading work finished until the final draft, phone calls made, letters written, housework well maybe some ironing later the rest can wait till tomorrow, some art work to complete today… only the ironing and the art work still to do and it is still only 10.30 ish, doing well so far.

The bobbins I have here are a mixture of wooden ones at the top and some plastic  ‘kit bobbins’ which aren’t the best but still do thejob. Here you can see the results of my efforts and try to imagine the fun I had making up the completed bobbins.

spangled bobbins

 The bobbins at the top are largely wooden and you can see immediately the difference in quality. These are threaded ready for use. It is just so relaxing roganising and threading glass beads into sets, pair by pair and so satisfying to see the end product, almost as satisfying as doing the lacemaking by itself.

This next picture shows bobbins secured by ribbon on the beginning of a piece of work.

 If it works out it will hopefully be a bookmark. You can see the blue pattern, each dot pricked out ready to work as I wrote about yesterday. There is something soothing about sitting doing mindless, no not mindless, well things that need no thought, then I suppose there are many things like that. Most hobbies in fact take little need for serious thought, Painting, gardening, knitting, crochet, cross stitch. It is nice to do such things to relax, let your mind wander aimlessly in total relaxation. Which is why I guess we have hobbies.  Speaking of cross stitch the next picture is of the little pin cushion I made in cross stitch years ago. Victorian pin cushion in cross stitch Just another of my many hobbies.

 It is rather nice when I can produce something that is useful. This one has been shut away gathering dust until now.

The final picture is one of my little workbox, my beginners kit, and sort of demonstrates my need for tidness and order in my life. I was chatting to a friend yesterday and she made me realise where it all came from. My childhood home was sadly lacking in cleanliness, tidiness or any home comforts really so as an adult it has become important to me. Like my box, I like my home to have everything in its place, now I know this might sound sad but I get a lot of pleasure from organising my little box, here I have the control, whereas in our home the space is shared with my family who are not always as tidy as I am.

my beginners workbox

It sounds awful but I can reassure you that my house is always clean but less often tidy. I love when I am on my own and everyone is at work, then I can busy myself and return our little home to its tidy and neat state again, I get such a buzz when it is all done. Tidy house, tidy mind. I so agree with that. Well it works for a while until everyone comes home again. I guess I am blessed with Harry, as an ex submariner, he is no stranger to tidiness. My kids laugh at me and call me a neat freak as they mess it all up but I smile and know that as soon as they have gone to their own untidy places I shall tidy mine up all over again. You don’t think I aught to get out more, do you?

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