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I asked the angels…

Sitting alone at home was getting rather boring. My town is a very lonely place and I have trouble getting out, it isn’t much fun on your own. I long for the time when I can take out my grandchildren and I often wish for a small dog, people speak to you then, don’t they. When I worked, I was a teacher in Chichester so all my friends come from over twenty miles away and although I joined the local sprirualist church and writer’s groups and have met quite a few wonderful people, they all have lives of their own and busy ones at that so never having worked over here my circle of acquaintances are really small. I have got to like my own company, I get to please myself what to do, once the housework and meals are sorted out my time is my own. I sew, knit, garden when the weather and my bones let me and I have dozens of other hobbies, embroidery, crossstitch, crochet and painting etc. I haven’t painted for a while. I spent a lot of time on one at the end of last year , one that a relative requested through the internet and like an idiot, I packed it up carefully and sent it. She never paid and despite repeated requests from me and a promise to pay, I have never received a penny from her. I haven’t painted since, it really hurt me that there are dishonest people in the world, sometimes I wish I had a mean streak, I dream of exposing her to her ‘friends’ on FB but I am not that kind of person so I write it off to exerience. I really ought to paint some more, I have unfinished work on my easel, but, lesson learned,  I won’t send any more without the payment first.

Anyway, I was sitting being extremely bored and fed up yesterday and in desperation asked the angels if they could help in any way. I forgot all about it until later that very same evening when Harry’s chiropodist came for her regular visit and we were chatting. She mentioned lacemaking and I got excited. Many years ago I started to make lace but time and children took over and I forgot all about it. I have some beautiful bobbins that someone made for me once but I have never spangled them and they sat in my sewing box along with my patchwork templates. The lady offered to teach me to do torchion lace and I jumped at the chance, having the basic equipment already, how nice it would be to learn it again. It turns out that she has a couple of other friends that she taught and was interested in putting together a small group. Well, I couldn’t resist and I am having my first lesson in 2 weeks time.

I looked out my bobbins and lay them on the table. How beatifully turned each one was in exotic woods, black ebony, redwood, beech, others I have forgotten, and all with unique markings and shapes. They feel so smooth and heavy yet, even in their simple beauty they looked somehow, sort of naked. A short flick through google and I found somewhere to order little glass beads. I shall spangle them, in itself another, and very unique, art. I am getting excited. I even looked up patterns and equipment. I shall need to either make or buy myself a lacemaking pillow, my own having long gone and maybe some pins, although my plain dressmaking pins would do for now but I am looking forward to relearning this wonderful craft.

It then occured to me, I asked for something to help alleviate my boredom and maybe put me in contact of like minded people of my own age! I never expected an answer this quick and certainly not by the evening. I was amazed and to think all I needed to do was to ask. I shall post the results of my first attempts and maybe some pictures of my newly spangled bobbins, once the beads arrive of course.

The other thing we, Harry and I that is, have embarked on is our healthy eating. It has been four weeks on Monday or is it five? not sure must check the dates, but so far Harry has lost 15lbs and I have lost 21lbs. Just another few pounds and I shall  have lost 2 stone. Maybe it will start to show soon but even better than that I shall be in the twenty stone bracket instead of the twenty three plus. So far the food has been great. I am trying a different recipe each day and ok, some have been rather bland but with a bit of adjustment to suit personal tastes, I think they can be resolved. I haven’t missed dairy, wheat, sugar, caffeine, any processed foods at all. My cupboards and fridges are full of healthy foods like beans, lentils and fresh veggies and fruit and although we have a freezer full of meat and do have a meat meal occasionally it has been easy to change our eating habits. The challenge to find a satisfying substitute for English meals of meat, potatoes and veg, or sandwiches and cake is fun. I miss baking too but all the discovery of cooking different tastes and textures have seconded only to the utter amazement of eating things I might have tried but found previously boring , unpalatable or not my taste. It’s all in the preparation! so butternut squash and sweet potatoes are regular additions. Best of all, I have managed to get Harry to eat lentils, something he hated before, without even knowing it. I try to hide my glee when he praises a meal and asks for more and I did resist telling him what was in it, well up to a little while ago when I couldn’t help myself. After a deadpan, unbelieving face he conceded and accepted, it is all in the cooking. So here’s to my guru, Gillian McKeith…. and yes, I hold up a forbidden glass of red wine to her now and again. After all giving up chocolate is one thing but a girl needs a treat once in a while, doesn’t she?


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