More Plagues!!!

What is it about us I wonder? We’ve had frogs and rats and slugs and spiders and now we have another plague – Blowflies! Can you believe it? We haven’t seen or heard any sign of Mr Whiskers and are daring to hope the cold weather did a good job of either moving him on or sending him on a permanent sleep. My kitchen and drains have never been so clean and hygienic, I  make sure no food or even crumbs are left anywhere in the house and everything is cleaned and sprayed with anti bacterial stuff last thing at night and first thing in the morning. H bought me a really good vaccuum cleaner that’s a whizz to use and deep cleaning so,  theoretically, there is no reason to have vermin. Apart from the fact that they are coming to me a) from the creek behind us and b) other houses also have them, there is nothing here to welcome them.

Then, earlier last week, I opened the kitchen door into the utility area to find at least a dozen HUGE blowflies. Now rats are bad enough but these babies can fly and who knows where they have walked before. The thought then struck me. Maybe Samuel had died and these were the result, but where did they come from? up the outlet pipes to the washing machine? It doesn’t make sense, there is nothing out there, nowhere that doesn’t get cleaned, apart from behind the washing machine and freezer of course, but they do get pulled out and cleaned behind every few weeks, I do that moreso since the rat problem. These flies have been with us for five days now, we kill them, spray them, leave the door open to encourage them to go out and every day there are more. Thankfully, only the odd one or two actually gets into the house and that soon meets its demise. We sit at the ready with fly swat and spray. Also thankfully, I spoke to my neighbour and found she too had them. I was beginning to get a complex, I can tell you.

Since leaving the country I think we have had more problems than you would ever expect. I thought nice clean town, no flies, fewer bugs but no.. the problems seem endless. Our house is clean, I clean daily, sometimes more often yet I have to be constantly vigilant, why? My son and his new baby came over for Sunday so his wife could go and see a show and have a day off, my daughter also came over and we had a lovely day with little interruption from buzzy things. My son is quite a knowledgeable chap so I mentioned that I thought the rat had died causing this fly problem. Now I don’t know whether to be happy or not at his response. He said that they probably had nothing to do with the rat… and there was me hoping it was and that it would be all solved once we had finally got the last fly, then went on to give me the explanation. ‘Hybernation’ says he.

Apparently, these things hybernate in the cold weather, a bit like ladybirds etc. and so as the weather had warmed up a bit they had come out of hybernation. His father in law had gone up into the loft a few days ago and found hundreds buzzing around as he opened the hatch, hence his fathomless knowledge. I suppose it makes sense but why in our utility rooms and where did they hide and how how did they get in there? Surely I would have seen that many? and is my rat friend still there I wonder? So many questions, so few answers. I have heard of St Francis and his afinity with animals, is there an equivalent for pests? I am sure it has to be me if there is… anyone know of a good Pied Piper?

Changing the subject to something more positive than bugs and pests, at the end of our second week of healthy eating I am delighted to blog that H has lost eleven pounds so far and I have lost twelve.. How’s that? brilliant! Harry’s shirt no longer strains at the stitches to hold the buttons done up, he is sleeping better and hasn’t had to take any indigestion tablets. I am much the same as before, although I do have more energy and have been trying to do more walking, it is painful but… and a big but….. I think it is worth it in the long run and eventually it might be easier. I have even been sewing and knitting to try and make my hands more supple. It all helps to give me a sense of achievement. We did have a bit of a slip on Saturday when we had a Chinese takeaway but it hasn’t had a devastating effect on us so that was our treat for last week, back on the vegetables again this week. Now to go and see if I can find some more recipes to keep Harry from wanting the carb and fat saturated food he used to eat.

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