It sounds sort of final doesn’t it? Resolutions! Like most people, I make many every year and have every intention of carrying them out. Some I make are so obscure that they sort of happen anyway because they are the kind of things that I want, percieve myself to be or are easy to comply with… you know the sort like being kind to others, helping where you can etc… if we are that kind of person they come easy and I think maybe I have used them as a cop out resolution. Others are the common ones like eat less chocolate, lose weight, exercise more, get up earlier, spend time meditating or have more me time…. and these are the ones that fall beside the wayside time and time again. Trouble is H and I have got to that time in our lives that we cannot carry on and ignore such things. The big 60 has encompassed us! I am as much below as H is above and when we look at ourselves it is obvious we need to look at all those and actually get off our butts and do something about it… it might already be too late but we figure that anything is better than nothing. So our resolution this year was to get fitter, lose weight and exercise more. I do have , of course, others that include allowing myself more time to paint and enjoying each moment for what it is…. For example, my daughter in law driving an hour to visit me bringing my new grand daughter to see me for the afternoon… wonderful!

H and I have been on a combination diet for a week now, I have lost 9 lbs and H, 6lbs…. a good start. What is a combination diet? I hear you ask. Well, because of our age and various health issues, like arthritis etc, I felt we need to address those issues as well as take on board a healthy eating plan. Now, I am totally against the medical profession’s contract with drug companies and forever, whatever the ailment I have had, I have been prescribed some pill or the other to treat it. Fine! but I believe in natural food, natural medicine, and the holistic approach to healing. My reason is simple.. because I rarely eat processed foods and chemical based product like artificial sweeteners, ie fizzy drinks, low sugar products, high fat processed foods –  burgers, sausages, processed meats, pates etc.. when I take a drug that is supposed to help me I get an adverse reaction. I feel sick, dizzy, sleepy, have stomach pains and a miriad of other symptoms that are worse than the original problem so I am prescribed another drug to counteract the original… I see a pattern here. Drug companies making money from people who are  uninformed about natural medicine or, even worse, just want to make money and try and stop natures healing methods from making a market because they would lose out… I know it sounds like I am on my soap box but my experience of prescribed medication has been a painful nightmare. Anyway, I have researched many methods of helping the conditions I have, these include spiritual healing, natural organic foods, avoidance of food that are known to affect certain conditions and taking more of foods that benefit, including supplements like garlic, vitamins and others that support the immune system, and I try to stick to a regime of healthy eating. The combination comes in where I have researched many different methods of, in particular, weight control.

The new year saw the media jump onto the weight problem in the UK and have produced a number of programmes about fat people and how to reduce that weight and become more healthy. It is interesting that these are all average people without other medical conditions, unless caused by their weight problem, that will succeed in following the plans they set for them. So what about people, like myself, who have arthritis in nearly every joint, not because of bad eating habits… ok mabe too much food, but because it is a family trait. My mother has arthritis, my grandmother had it, my brothers suffer from it and my younger sister has the beginnings of it. It runs in the family and even those that are not overweight have the problem. No excuse but combine the weight problem, which also runs in the family, with arthritis and we are unable to do the recommended exercise without considerable pain. So why don’t the companies make a programme especially for people that do have other health issues that make things difficult? I won’t get on my soapbox about companies making money but do wish they would give us fatties in pain a way we can do things without causing more pain. Because of all this I have watched the fat buster programmes and taken on board the issues and advice. I have taken the slimming club programmes and then dismissed the foods that are ‘OK’ to eat that contain artificial sweeteners or flavourings to make them taste good, added my vast knowledge of why the body should be more alkaline to be healthy, what foods help certain conditions, what to avoid totally and how to balance the diet with natural foods and eat plenty of a good diet without feeling hungry. This is a diet that actually regulates your health, can combat diabetes, arthritis, acid problems and so on….

The first week for us looks good and ok we know  it will slow down to a steady weight loss over the weeks but more importantly our bodies will be able to cope with and counteract the diseases of age that might affect us. Today we took a walk along the bay before dinner and it was wonderful. I was unable to walk as far and as fast as Harry but we both did as much as we could manage and felt good about it. The fresh air knocked H out, he who eats so unhealthily much against my suggestions for healthy eating, yet I felt invigorated. OK, I was in a lot of pain but that was all that stopped me from doing so much more. Tomorrow I shall do some more walking even if I need to take painkillers, and gradually build up what I am able to achieve. ok it is a relatively small distance at the moment but look out world! We are doing our best to resolve our present bulky situation and I shall be keeping a diary about it all to help me to build up a picture that will give me a memory for the future.

Here’s to New Year’s Resolutions and success for a healthier future before we get too old to do anything about it or to enjoy it. Will keep my blog posted…

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    Barbara said,

    Hi Marie
    Great to hear the new lifestyle is working well. I think you have a really inspirational approach in that you are taking this as an holistic journey. I couldn’t agree more about the drug companies and also the ‘diet’ industry, it is really geared to the young, fit and definitely very naive… we will never see 30 again (or 50 for that matter) but we can still do our bit within our capabilities and any form of exercise certainly raises our mood.So here’s to a bright, happy, healthy and slimmer 2010 x

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