A day with the family

Having suppressed nearly all the thoughts of Sa… I mean the rodent, I set about doing my Friday housework knowing that my daughter in law was coming over from Midhurst with my youngest grand daughter. I also let my daughter, number seven,  know so she could pop over to see the baby too. Baby Emily and her Mum and Dad, number three,  live in Midhurst which is a good hours drive to us so it is really nice to see them. What a treat to see both my youngest grandchildren together. Maica is two and such an amazing little girl, having lived in Spain for most of her life, is bi-lingual, so clever, I struggle with English sometimes and she puts me to shame. She is also a Scorpio, which means she is very strong willed and already rules the household. How quick they learn to manipulate and how gullible we are as parents that we fall into their trap as easily as wasps in jam, then once caught by the sweetness of their smiles we are caught forever. Blinded by their cuteness and fun things they say. So where does it start?

Take a look at this picture of Emily, taken by Suzi, number seven, and it is sooo easy to see how it all starts. Such a little cutie who already has her Daddy wrapped around her little finger at eight weeks old.

baby beanEmily was so tolerant of being undressed and placed in a bean pod photography prop, bless her. Maica was also well photographed, like daily, and we have a wonderful collection of pictures from the day she was born. She was, however, very young when, as she was being photographed by her Mum, that she told her a very firm ‘no’ and refused to let her take a picture that day. She has since given in and now accepts it as an every day occurrence but that was the beginning of her learning to manipulate her parents. But then, one look at those huge brown eyes and I defy anyone’s heart to melt.

Being a grandparent is a wonderful experience. All the knowledge of parenting you stumbled over and struggled with seems so easy when you are with a grandchild. How good it feels when you can comfort a screaming baby, make a toddler laugh or find an interesting gift for an older child, yet as a mother all these things are often a struggle. The sleepless nights that wear you down as a young mother and the million of other things you have to fit into a day prevent you from enjoying children as much as when you can give them back at the end of a day. I am blessed with fifteen grandchildren so far, number sixteen joins us in July, can you imagine how proud I feel when I look into their little faces and recognise glimpses of either myself or other family members. They don’t necessarily look like them but somehow, from somewhere a look, a smile, a movement, a mannerism triggers a memory of another person and warms your heart. What a precious gift they each are.

Todays entry is simple and just acknowledge a lovely afternoon spent with my two youngest grand children.  To dear little Emily, who fell asleep in my arms and gave me such a wonderful smile making me feel really special and to sweet Maica for the biggest hug and kiss in the world, the first real voluntary one since she moved back from Spain and got to know me as more than a voice on the phone. I don’t see many of the others that often and rely on the internet and photos to keep me in touch. What would I have done before internet and email? I have grandchildren in Switzerland, Florida, Hastings, Midhurst and here in Gosport. Maica is the closest and just down the road and I get to spend a lot of time with her, I appreciate each moment I spend with them and all the lovely pictures and stories their Mummies send me and even though they are miles away,  the others are no less precious and I just think I am a very blessed Grandma.

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