Holy Cat!

Since the weather decided to be real winter for a change and cover the world in a blanket of snow (hopefully killing off all those bugs that be get because our winters are so mild) our two cats, Alfie and Shadow,  have turned into pussies. I know, I know, they are pussies! but, unlike most cats, who are perfectly happy going out in all weathers even just for a pee, they didn’t leave the house until yesterday, after a little persuasion from yours truly, having been indoors since the snow first fell. Following the bed incident, a litter tray, normally reserved for poorly cats that I want to keep indoors, was brought into use. Most of the snow had melted, particularly in my garden, so I sent the ‘boys’ out to do the business. Alfie, a giant furball of a cat, spent a good hour or more tiptoeing outside making sure this alien white stuff had indeed gone so I called him back in. It was a happy cat that ran back inside and I patted myself on the back for showing him there was nothing to be afraid of… he is a bit of a scaredy cat, but, and in true feline form and dispelling all my self congratulatory satisfaction, he shot inside and ran to the litter tray for a pee! Failed, utterly failed!

Shadow on the other hand, a sleek, black, affectionate but never the less still a nervous cat and litter brother to Alfie was ok to go out. He’s a bit of a tough guy, a hunter and bringer of unsavoury gifts and an amazing fishercat. Despite netting the pond to protect my poor fish, he would still sit on the edge watching and licking his lips, so imagine his delight to find the pond completely frozen and covered over with a very thick sheet of ice. On investigating why he wasn’t coming in when called Harry discovered him on the pond and triumphant at being able to reach the middle and actually sit there, he looked extremely pleased with himself. I suspect for all his watching though, he was unable to catch sight of any fish because no doubt they were hiding in the weeds and fairly dormant in the cold beneath the ice. I wonder what they thought  of it all? And was Shadow hoping that by sitting on the ice it would melt a fishing hole?

Anyway, you get the idea of the title? Take my Harry and the situation and he comes in with a serious look. ‘What’s up?’ asks I,  ‘Well’,  says he thoughtfully, ‘I think Shadow has gone religious.’ Now not knowing what on earth he was talking about and had no links in my brain to connect the two I did a silly thing, I asked what he was on about.  ‘He thinks he is God.’ My puzzled look prompted the explantation and the answer of which came as he pulled me toward the garden and showed me a proud cat watching the pond. ‘See? He thinks he can walk on water!’  How do I put up with it I ask myself… Still you have to laugh.

The snow is beautiful but for me I was trapped in my house having not been outside for over a week and having a particularly nasty flare up that prevented me walking hardly at all let alone attempting to walk on the slippery pavements, I was glad to see a clear pavement to walk on. The few degrees that the temperature has risen has eased my pain slightly and today I am going to attempt to walk along to the shop and hope my back doesn’t give out before I get there, or at least give me time to get back home. But I don’t complain about the snow, that is what winters should be like, always used to be like when I was a child, and I am looking forward to seeing if the story from old gardeners is true, that there are less bugs to devastate my hard efforts in the garden.

Then of course, there is my rat problem. Having discovered that there is only one single rat living quite happily in the less than metropolis quarters of the drainage pipes, although I felt sorry for it, I couldn’t help seeing the pipes covered in ice and snow hoping he would find a quiet and peaceful end. Failing that, I have another battle to try and remove him without encouraging his family to move in. A word with my builder friend I think. We were so pleased to find out that the pipe work was fine that the thought of Mr Whiskers being there wasn’t so bad, especially having seen him on camera and knowing he was just resident not visiting from another complex somewhere, sussing the place out for his mates. Still a lot of work though, making sure that no food , cat or otherwise, was left anywhere and all packet food is also kept in tins and boxes was bad enough but now making sure no food residue gets through the dishwasher, or the kitchen sink either, is a nightmare. Something we rarely thought about before.

Ah well, what is life without it’s challenges? I just hope that the pond ice melts quickly and becomes water again before Shadow tries walking on it and falls through. Off to see how far I get on my little walk…


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