from snow to icicles

For many people the wintry weather is difficult to cope with and I think we can all understand the difficulties. Walking with ice underfoot is such a problem and especially, like me, it is difficult to get footwear that will support such a venture. Today my daughter struggled to get to work. The only nursery open in such extreme weather conditions meant that she had to go to work. The buses weren’t running, cars slid along, trapped in frozen ruts from other vehicles, and taxis, shame on them but understandable, were charging double for a ride, yet were all fully booked. It took a series of phone calls to eventually find someone who had got one… two hours late for work and who was able to do a round up to collect those that couldn’t get to work.

That aside, I watched from my window those people that would normally be driving to where they needed to be. I saw people who struggled with a journey that would have been a short walk. I watched as elderly people trod the ice on their daily walks, I watched guys digging their cars from ice covered coffins. Trying their best to extricate their vehicles from the iced snow only to find the tyres frozen to the ground…. I watched and from the warmth of my home I saw people helping other people who might never have spoken and I saw people I never knew lived in my road. How wonderful it was to see that everyone, who normally carried on their lives oblivious to those who walk past, being concerned about the more vulnerable, or going to the aid of someone who was slipping on the ice. to put faces to car owners and people who lived nearby.

I confess, that although I watched as people did their wonderful deeds, I also watched as the warm winter sun began to melt the snow on the roofs, especially on our shed, and I watched as icicles grew from small drips melting in the sun and were captured as they ran into the shade. A drop of water frozen in time, in time and in time, to form an icicle. A second in time frozen, added to and added to, until a long icicle hangs from the roof with each drop a memory in its beautiful rooftop adornment.

How sentimental am I and how ‘airy fairy’ my kids call me but I accept, that is me… there is a beauty in everything if only we seek to find it. Too often we close our eyes to what is before us. There is no charge for what we perceive and enjoy without realising. the snowflake, the icicle, the sunset/sunrise, the child playing, snowmen, clouds… I  could go  on, but until we realise that it is in the small things that we will find ourselves and be able to place ourselves in this world, we will be lost and struggling to find out who we are. Can anyone fail to feel the insignificance of man when faced with a mountain, or feel the freedom when sitting on top of a big hill in the wind, see the beauty in a cloud formation that touches us, notice the emotion that surrounds us in the atmosphere on a stormy day, feel the energy of a rough sea, the warmth of the sun on our skin….

Where am I going with this entry? I think that I am trying to touch our little insignificant lives with the world around us. The insular lives that are watched through a window and that only connect when we are sure others need our help are the lives that are lonely. What happened to those that chatted regardless of prior knowledge of another person, that cared if a neighbour was warm enough, had enough to eat, needed to go somewhere… In our world it no longer exists. It is viewed through a window and talked about behind closed curtains, yet God, or life if you feel that way, offers many opportunities every day to connect to others that could appreciate the help and could maybe offer something in return. Who knows what? an encouragement, a smile, gratitude that lifts our spirits or maybe just a connection to that part of us that could so easily be forgotten, frozen in time like the ice that covers our world at the moment….

I will continue to people watch through my window and take photographs of that which is beautiful to me but I shall also pray that the wonderful connection between poeple that are in need, spreads further and beyond the curtained window and thoughts of those watching  and opens into the world around us, the world that touches our subconscious yet is trapped, like frozen moments in time, unable to reach out and become manifest into the world that is real because today’s world has enclosed us into little hard icicles of the unemotional, afraid to veture into the unknown for fear of what is portrayed for fear of rejection, for fear what could happen  The media has so much to answer for, let us all go back to what we really feel deep within ourselves.  caring … love…. awareness……. see the world around us and notice that everything has a purpose and a reason, including us and the thoughts we keep to ourselves. ( for Laurence and Mary)

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