A Catastrophe – with apologies to teenage daughter!

A loud aggressive wail sailed down the stairs and battered my ears. I’d only just sat down having cleared the kitchen after our evening meal and was looking forward to just vegetating in front of the ‘box’.

‘One of those ‘bl****’ cats has peed on my bed.’

Well, it wasn’t quite as polite as that and I laughed. Maybe I shouldn’t have but whatever caused the onslaught of verbal abuse, it just caused us to fall about laughing more. The problem was that her B/F was due to arrive at any moment and now she had to change her bed. I should be doing it, and probably would had she asked me to lend a hand but no, I dug my heels in.

‘It’s your fault! they are your cats! it your house! I am behind now and J is coming…’ and everything you can imagine was hurled down the stairs along with sheets, duvets and covers, for me to wash no doubt. The best bit was when she said, ‘ I don’t know why you’re laughing, it wouldn’t be so funny if it happened to you.’ I reminded her of a time when our cats were new and still fairly small. We were about to go bed and Harry had got to the point of falling into bed when he noticed a dark patch in the bed. He cleverly missed the bed and landed on the floor. No mean feat for a big man. Yes, one of the kittens had crawled in the bed and peed. After the intitial surprise we started laughing. You know the sort of laughter that won’t let go of itself and the more you try stop the more you laugh. And the jokes and thoughts that kept coming up made us laugh more and more. Long after we had dealt with it and returned to bed, if we woke in the night the laugh continued. We remember it with a smile still, four years later.

I reminded her of this but was met with the retort that ‘they were only small and hers was a big puddle and anyway they are our cats, this was far more serious because it was her bed!’  Oh my dear, serious, dramatic daughter! Once we had sorted it out and cleaned everything and put a new duvet and fresh linen on the bed, I suggested she need to take life far less seriously. Her B/F was as amused at her reaction as we were. Bless her, if that is the only catastrophe she has to deal with she will have led a charmed life. She blamed the pregnancy hormones and I just shook my head, she has much to learn about dealing with the unexpected while still carrying on as normal. I am so looking forward to seeing how she copes in her own home and try not to snigger as I think of some of the things that I have had to deal with in mine… Still, there has to be a lot of writing material in that thought.


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