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Wow, such a busy life!

Brave me

new look for an oldie

This is just a quick note until later on. Many friends have asked to see the new haircut which was great on the day of cutting so I am adding this picture for now and will be posting my wonderful news later on….


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Finally, here I am!

I say finally because it has been a good few months since I posted anything on here. Life just seems to get in the way sometimes, doesn’t it! Well I am back and in between a million of other things that need doing, I intend to take time out to write my blog.

To recap a bit, my ex was staying with us while he found a place and a job and, after about 12 weeks, success. He now has a nice flat not far away and starts work next week. Better still, our oldest daughter has made the journey back to good old UK from Spain. If there was a problem to happen anywhere, I think they had it all. Not being able to bring the bunny back was one but they were saved at the last minute by a kind lady who offered to take him in when Oscar… son in law… went round offering him free to anyone with a good home for him;  in a Pizza place near the ferry of all places and accompanied by a local polceman to reassure people it was a genuine case. On hearing how upset my daughter was,the aforementioned kind lady contacted Suzi’s mother in law, who was her contact over in Galithia, and said they would keep him for them until they could get him back to UK . A bit of relief for them, then, it was discovered that the husband had an allergy to rabbit fur…. so they phoned round and got in touch with the ferry company and the Captain of the ferry sent a mail offering a place on board for the rabbit… He had travelled over in the van so how strange he couldn’t come back. Anyway, alls well that ends well, Oscar is on the ferry as I write and should arrive back in Portsmouth Saturday morning, complete with all their belongings which should have come back just after they arrived but the company doing the hauling disappeared off the face of the earth, and the rabbit –  whose name is Monkey, no don’t ask… Just in time to rest up before Maica’s second birthday on the Sunday… Phew!

Now what have I been up to.. mainly problems with my ears and vertigo as well as arthritis.. don’t you just think doctors, well GP’s are blooming useless? Since mid September I have been having trouble with vertogo and deafness and been given tablets that would probably do more harm than good on reading the label. The funny thing was, the label said. ‘it is not known how these tablets make a difference but they do …..’ Yeah right, and they want me… I mean, me – the trying to do my best at natural eating and eco warrioring, person to take them?!! I think not! so I suffered on.  Then my neck was so painful and I was forced to go back until finally I was referred to a physio… Amazing! I poured out my heart to the poor guy and gave him all the information about the pain, my neck the dizzyness etc and he said, it isn’t your neck causing that but I know a man who can help. So a couple of days later I go back to see the other guy who turns me in some weird and wonderful upside-down type positions to release the crystals that have got stuck in my ear canals and were causing the problem. Here’s hoping! next week I go back to get my neck sorted too, also hopefully. So my question is, why on earth don’t GP’s admit they know little about a condition and send us to those that do in the first place? Well done to Mike and Ahmed for their expertise at War Memorial… I actually feel like someone is taking me seriously finally… only after 18months!

I have been sewing and painting… a day and a half to make a complete set of curtains for the ex’s flat, some bits for Christmas still to do and a smock for me, then there ‘s my writing and life in general. talking of which a little while ago I wrote about the rats, you remember the cheeky little chappie who cleaned my toaster. Well! he brought a few friends along. We heard a rather loud scratching behind the panelling in the bathroom one day and were in no doubt what or who it was. So all the appliances in the kitchen were pulled out, the shelves and the towels removed from the boiler cupboard and a major overhaul done. Oscar filled any holes and painted the cupboard, we swept up a lot of cavity wall insulation that we assumed came through when it was done last year… Just to say the shelves in the cupboard were fixed to make like a unit inside the cupboard so we hadn’t even thought of doing it before apart from to maybe paint at some point, so it wasn’t neglect…. Anyway, on removing the towels I noticed them… In a plastic box that I kept a selection of small hand towels for H to take to work… yes, rat droppings. It dawned then that the little rodents had been responsible for pulling the insulation fluff out…. The thought of rats crawling over my towels was horrible so five loads of washing later they were all cleaned and fresh – just in case. The kitchen was cleaned behind everywhere and washed with bleach and put back. Everthing in my kitchen has to be kept in boxes anyway because it is slightly damp but we decided that the little beasties were feeding on the cat food. Not wanting to encourage them everything is removed, put away and cleaned every night. Just to check and making sure the cats were out, I left a dozen cat biscuits on the food mat… but… they were gone the next morning! Everthing came out again and there was a small pile of more insulation and a chewed lolly stick behind the dishwasher. Guttering pipes were cut and filled with rat poison and placed where they had been after another vacuum up and bleaching and any other holes filled up and well away from where the cats can go… Our idea was no food or water and they might go away…. Did they? No! next thing we hear is a loud gnawing in the panelling again and Harry wondering why there was water on the floor when he flushed the loo… Easy…. teethmarks round a neat hole in the flexi pipe from the loo said it all. Yesterday I gave up the fight and called environmental health… This thing was too big for me to fight any more! Note I said me…. H is hiding in the lounge with the TV loud so he can’t hear them! Bless.

I waited for Sam the man to arrive today but a phone call told me he had been taken ill and wouldn’t be round till Monday now…. great! Mind you, I quite like the little fellas, rats I mean, with their pink ears and paws and twitchy whiskers… it’s such a shame they cause so much damage and can carry diseases so there is no question of their demise, meanwhile I shall keep on bleaching and cleaning and as they can’t get in the house any more, keep banging on the wall when we go to the loo and pray they don’t swim up the pipe and bite my bum. OMG the stuff of nightmares eh!  Well glad to be back anyway, will now keep you posted.

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