Busy, busy

You know those times in life when you don’t know if you are coming or going? well, at the moment my life is like that. We have had loads of visitors which is lovely and my ex husband, who has moved back from Spain and homeless, is still with us. Life is never quite the same when space is short. He is living out of a suitcase… Sofa surfing they call it, at least ours is a put u up…. Things are looking good on the job front and he has had several interviews, fingers crossed for that one, then he will be able to get himself a flat near to where ever he works. Having him here isn’t a problem at all but the space and tidiness I used to have has temporarily gone and I find it difficult to keep to my old routine.

I have this theory about time and space and it probably involves my favourite subject, quantum physics. Not that I know much about it but whenever I hear it talked about my ears prick up and I am captivated by it. I even get excited about listening to it such is my fascination, I think I was a scientist in a past life because I can grasp the concepts really easy and it fascinates me so much. Anyway, my simple theory is that in bigger and tidier spaces time goes much slower than in tiny crowded places. When all my children were home, everything was timed and chores/work etc and there was precious little time for just doing nothing. Every moment was busy, if it wasn’t housework, laundry or baking I used to make things for the school fete, attend committee meetings and a million and one other things. It was only when I was alone, house tidy and little to do that time slowed down. That seemed a good theory until I realised it went fast becuase I was busy and didn’t notice the time fly and there was less to do once the kids were out.

Today, time stll seems to whizz by and when I stop to reflect at the end of the day at what I have achieved it is comparatively little when compared to days long ago. I guess I am much slower now, arthritis has robbed or slowed me down for much of my capabilities and I find time to do things like read, write and paint… Having all adults in the house is a boon, less mess but still I wonder where the times goes. One joy is that I can sit and spend a day painting, or as long as I can without pain and stiffness, and I gain so much peasure from each picture. I have swapped art work for electrical work from a friend, painted to give as gifts and have just had some orders for a few more. At last I have not only the time but also the pleasure of seeing each picture appear before my eyes and an even greater pleasure in painting for others. I think best of all though are all the comments from friends on Facebook. I never believed in my art work much before but the wonderful responses have encouraged me to accept that even though I am not happy with it, other people like it. Facebook’s voice has got me back into painting after several years and now it is no longer a waste of time for me. I look forward to starting each new picture and the wonder of seeing what drips from the end of my brushes and I am amazed and so thankful for my gift.

Here is my latest picture finished today…. I hope that when I get our home back to ourselves, I can still find the time to carry on, once the house is tidy that is.

On screen shows a few faults so will have to look at them again...!

On screen shows a few faults so will have to look at them again...!

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